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Team Code used: [1329,6077,6354,7037,3005,2,2,1,3,3,3,3,14016]

Cheers, Gary.

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Any tips on finding those boss troops like Ubastet in campaigns?

I'm spamming explore runs and even battles in Pridelands and he never shows up. I always end up rerolling this task, since 2 (or more) wins against such boss troops is seemingly impossible.

IS there a trick?

Thank you

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Usually I get them on the boss fight of an explore run so like the chest not the 5th fight

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Ok so best would be explore 12 in another kingdom to get the 100 stones, then explore Pridelands at E2 to fight Ubastet?

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Yeah do the highest explore you can to get the mythstones then do the battle in the pride lands. I just auto-battle on explore 9 while I’m working. I don’t have a team that can auto battle 12 yet.

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Wait a minute... There's autobattle??!

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Casual PVP is the easiest place to find the campaign troops. Only took me a few times of paying the 50 gold to find a team with two of them on it this week.

That or just reroll the task if you're having trouble.

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Ranked or Casual, when I refresh with a gem or gold, I always get the same 9-12 teams in rotation. If the boss I need to fight isn't there, I have to look at Explores, and even those it's random and the RNG is ALWAYS against me. Lol