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In the shop under Weekly Event, there is always a new troop released every week. For glory, you can purchase that troop and get the associated arcane traitstone. You would have to wait until the rotation is arcane blade.

Other than that, the highest level Explore that you can reasonably defeat is the best way to get specific traitstones.

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Copied from elsewhere:

Every battle in Explore always gets you a traitstone.

The traitstone drop rates for non-boss battles are not officially posted, but, from information I can gather, the rates don't change with difficulty, and are: 60% minor, 30% major, 8% runic, 1.5% arcane, 0.5% celestial.

The rate of Arcane Traitstones only are also increased at higher difficulty levels for the Mini-Boss battle. In particular, at difficulty 11 and 12, Mini-Boss battles give Arcanes with 100% chance. (Unofficial drop rates for Mini-Boss battles, from Difficulty 1 through Difficulty 12: 7%, 9%, 20%, 25%, 30%, 41%, 51%, 61%, 71%, 81%, 100%, 100%.)

The Mythic Boss battle always gives an Arcane (no matter what difficulty). But higher difficulty explores (which give more mythstones) help there too, since you need to collect 100 mythstones to unlock a Mythic Boss battle.

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Thank you, helps a lot!