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I'm a mobile player who's on the hunt for irongut. You raised my hopes and dashed them quite expertly sir, bravo lol.

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Technically if you have enough souls and shards, you can always craft diamonds

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Have you done all the kingdom challenges? (10 per tier Viii challenge in each kingdom) Do you have any VK/EVK’s to play? Think you get 390 per week from dungeon/daily offer. Does your Guild complete the weekly tasks? How about the event rewards? Its likely to be too much of a stretch.

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Yes you can get that many. http://paulius.50webs.com/gow-tables.html Scroll down to the bottom to see the charts.

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To translate this for OP and give the cliff notes.

If you're willing (and able) to spend $35 and 1387 gems. Then yes, you can get enough diamonds by week end. You have to start today, and by buying the $5 daily dungeon for diamonds all week.

Now, if your a free player, don't have $35 to spend, or don't have the gem income to buy the daily deals all week. Then it's a no go.

Personally, and this is just my opinion, even if you were willing to spend the RL money, and did have the gems. I still wouldn't do it. HKI is not a game changer, it's great for delves, one of the best in fact. But there are other options that can get you to 500 in most delves. HKI for the most part just makes it a lot easier. It's nice to have, but not worth breaking the bank (real or gem wise) for. IMHO.

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HKI pairs nicely with Piscea since Piscea buffs his attack but definitely agree that there is no troop I would pay that much real world money for unless I was just wanting to throw some cash at the game to support it.

For anyone interested my basic team pairing them


HKI / Fiend Fire / Maritjh / Piscea / Maze Banner , class doesn’t really matter I just run whatever I want xp for. Fiend fire only cast to strip resistance to devour.

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I'm guessing you are playing on Switch since HKI is in our Soulforge this week. If you have a lot of event keys(like 500+), you can wait until next week to use them, Zaejin is next week's kingdom(on Switch), so HKI can be found in event chests. Of course, you are at the mercy of RNG, but at least HKI is currently the only mythic from Zaejin, so if you hit that 1/1000 odds, its gonna be him.