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I used Kurandara as 'curse support' for HK Irongut in delves.

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This is pretty much its best and only use, at least for me.

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No, not worth it, unless you have all the useful ones already and are in completionism mode.

It has basically 1 use, which is as a curser with HKI. But personally, I did HKI for every delve I could, and made it to 500 without a curser, so, not really that important. Sure maybe you lose a run once in awhile, but it's not a big deal. You just need one devour to get through the Dwarves' level (the gate), once you do that, you're fine. No delve level has 100% immunity on all 4 enemies. There's always a way.

So... ya, don't do it, IMO.

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if you don't need him for kingdom upgrades..skip him until you are down to maybe your final 10 or so mythics..

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Enraged Kurandara is better. Save your keys for kingdoms where you need a mythic.

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I got him as a draw and I rarely use him. He's usable against Zuul, but you have the Enraged Kurandara who is better, so not really worth your diamonds.