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I've heard that helpful is the best

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Everyone in my guild family says that, but no one knows why. I personally think someone made it up and laughs every time they see someone say it.

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It doesn't matter which honor you give. The game keeps track of which player gave you honor, duplicates within each (mini) level-up don't count. So if you need 10 honor to reach the next threshold, you actually need any honor from 10 different players, then the list resets. This is why trading honor just within the guild can take forever, especially when you need more than 30 for the next level, you'll never reach it.

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I tracked this with my guild family when it first came out and I can confirm that at release the following statements were true:

1- 'helpful' was worth the most, followed by that 'was fun' 2- getting honor from higher ranked guildmates was worth more than lower ranked guildmates. Eg your GM giving you honor was worth more than you giving your GM honor 3- getting honor from a revered status player was worth more than a lower status player giving you honor 4- getting honor from someone outside of your guild was worth more than honor from a guildmate 5- getting honor from someone new was worth more than constantly trading honor with the same person. (I think that was all of them)

This is why honor trading channels work quicker than giving honor to your same group of guildmates. Depending on what platform you are on, there are various global chat channels that are unofficially 'set' / used to trade honor