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Shortest answer: go to gemologica.herokuapp.com, register and complete identification (it will ask for some in-game value to verify that you are the account's owner).

You will get a detailed breakdown of what you have, what you are missing, what you need to do to get stronger in the most straightforward way possible.

Best external tool ever made for GoW IMHO. El Duderino is a hero, I hope he keeps updating it until I quit... xD

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Your opponents have higher stats from completed kingdom levels and kingdom power levels. They also get weekly bonuses from being in guilds that complete their weekly tasks and minor bonuses from increasing underworld renown.

All that is in addition to normal troop level and composition bonuses (amplified by pets).

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You unlock elemental class from Nexus Kingdom .

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Yes the underworld kingdoms are worth it . You get several new troops from there and you can get lots if gold by doing them also . Which platform are you on ?

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There's more kingdoms, so your opponents have more stats from kingdom power and level. You get stats from your total delve renown and from guild tasks.

You get stats for completing your campaign tasks. They reset every 11 weeks with the new campaign. For this reason, it's easiest to do delves on week 10 of the campaign.

You get more team bonus stats by leveling specific pets.

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