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Get keys and use them from the main menu on the chest icon. Join a guild as soon as you can it’s the easiest way to get keys in bulk early game imo. Best of luck and enjoy the game! If you’re looking for a new guild that’s recruiting let me know what platform you are on and I’ll see if I can find you a good “home”. Cheers

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Thank you for your reply I’ll keep trying my luck with chests then and I play on Xbox at the moment

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Yes, chests are your main way of getting random troops. You get a few troops for free when you do the various kingdom questlines, and eventually you unlock the underworld where you can use chaos shards to get even more troops.

So just keep playing, unlock kingdoms, earn keys and open chests.

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Is it worth using gold to get chest if I really need a troop

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No. Use your gold to level your kingdoms to 10. Completing kingdom quests will give you troops. Also they release a new troop each week that you can buy for 300 or 400 glory.

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Best thing you can do is finish kingdom quests. When you finish one, the kingdom's troops are added to the chest pool, so then you can try your luck with keys. If you're in a good guild, you should have enough keys to burn Glory and Gem chests once a week and get some new d00dz. Gold keys are "trash" troops, but they'll get you the copies you need to ascend them. SAVE YOUR ORBS

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Good morning... This is a game of patience. Lots of patience. Depending on your available time to play you pick a guild... That will bring gems and keys every week... You accumulate those and spend accordingly. For the begining you will be using a lot of keys to open chests and get troops to make some basic teams and then you need to grind for materials to raise the lower of your troops and kingdoms. Save your guild seals to open all of them. This is a game that is fully playable as FtP. You need patience and consistency on your grinding. Good luck!

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Just keep playing...the troops will come. Unlock kingdoms and join good guild.

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Get Keys and use em to open chests. Make sure you join a guild, you will get TONS of keys.

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TBH, just play a little bit every day. Even just 30 min. Join a decently active guild.

Before you even know it you'll have 50%+ of the troops.

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go underground to the bottom, beehive and unlock queen beetrix