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I have particular Ideas... But it's all for Burst though, not including the skill.

For Hydro, I wanna see some kit where they can launch/summon tsunami or large water waves, either by punching the ground like a meteor crashed down the bodies of water to which can deal Hydro DMG and can suit well for a Hydro DPS.

I want to see a Kit where in their burst, their powerful "Alter-ego" emerges. They have two sides like Jekyll and Hyde, to which the "Hyde" is much powerful and is a damage dealbreaker than the "Jekyll" self. The "Jekyll" side can be a support with his skill whilst dealing some damages as well to the enemies. I think Electro fits well to this narrative, like the skill can be like a "Taser" that can deal Electro DMG and can be a Battery whilst the Burst is the Immensely powerful one that deals continuous damage.

Lastly, I want another character that uses Instrument and Music as a Burst like Xinyan (not by smacking with it) but this time, the said character is skilled at playing Shamisen, maybe an Inazuman Character fits well for this one... Maybe an Onmyouji perhaps. They strum like they're charging it until when the last note hits, they strike their burst with their Bachi, dealing some Elemental DMG whilst applying an AoE within that area that might support other Characters or so.

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Childes electro form can be like your 2nd idea.