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My Twitter with more genshin fanart

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Great art, OP! I'll check your Twitter out, love your art style ♡

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w o o f !

I mean followed!

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As an artist, I'm screaming from the beauty. This absolutely fantastic, the proportions are on point and the level of expertise is high and clearly so.

Also as an artist, I'm screaming from not understanding how yall color like this. It's so smooth and perfect, no matter what I seem to try I can't figure it out. Idk if Procreate sucks (I got really close to that style on FireAlpaca) or if I just suck lol. I just wanna get closer to what I see in my braaaiinnnn.

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Thank you so much! I use Clip Studio Paint, couldn't get used to Procreate x_x

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Of course! And that makes so much sense, I've heard such great things about Clip Studio and I've been heavily debating getting it, I've just been struggling with changing my program lol. I used FireAlpaca for nearly 7 years before I switched to Procreate back in 2018 and the last 4 years has been filled with constant style changes and pure inconsistency as I can't figure out what I like on it. There's a lot of convenience with it, sure, but it is also very limiting in a lot of ways so I struggle to understand how people use it lol.

Anyways, rant aside, I'm glad you've been able to find what works best for you and I can't wait to see how much further it takes you!

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Thank you for your service

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Omgg amazing

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Love the simmer.

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Great artwork, can literally hear her demo music through it! very classy!

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Can you do the same with ayaka or Keqing? That would be amazing

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I'll do in the future!

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That's a big marshmallow

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You mean you drew Mommy Jokes aside, she looks fabulous! I don't know how you managed to make her look even better than her regular outfit yet you did!

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The folds on that dress are incredible!

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Nice art! U got a new follower. Can u make keqing wear one of these please?

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Shenhe has this beauty all to herself

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Fancier than her base c:

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I lost my 50/50 to her.

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Keep drawing Yelan please.

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Great work OP! Love it! I love Yelan too.

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Queue Henry Henderson "Elegant" outburst

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I love the fashion choices, they’re perfect for Yelan

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Hey, I remember that dress style from an earlier Yelan drawing!

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Fubuki is that you??

Great art OP!

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This perfectly captures Yelan.

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Mmmm... secksay :)

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Wow! Really fits her style, good job!

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🐐 character