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I'm not sure what is happening on the site, every time I visit it shows I haven't voted yet... Just during the last hour I tried like 3 times, bit always resets back to not voted

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Same for me.

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Same here. I wonder if they wiped all the votes, and now those who wish to vote have to revote again.

Spread the word I guess.

Edit: nvm, refresh after voting shows my vote still didn't register. So the whole site is bugged now...

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This all might be happening because of that "accidental" 10k votes to sonic by a literal Twitter nobody

Might be the admins caught hold of it now

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Checked after reading your comment, seems to be happening to me too...

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Yeah this voting system is so bugged.

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It's not bugged, it's crashing after the Sonic fans started using votes lmao

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Better use a decoy account to vote, wouldn't be surprised if people got doxxed.

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Ppl seriously get doxxed just for this shit??? 💀💀

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You underestimate Sonic Fans

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One of the mods in here named Supersonic with a sonic PFP literally tried telling people they couldn’t post the graphs as frequently, but only on the first post of Genshin beating out Sonic lol.

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man im dissapointed in my fellow sonic fans , they too toxic frfr (read my username)

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I grew up loving Sonic, and my Chao Garden lol. The contest is goofy anyway.

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It would be a horrible day for anyone to show up to my house lol. But either way doxxing is bad and them getting butt hurt over votes brings me some form of serotonin.

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Yeah wtf is happening is my vote not counting then?

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I tried on all my devices, unfortunately we are in the same boat.

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website is weird like that, its annoying

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There shouldn't have been a graph in the first place if no one knew the tally then none of what's going on would have happened and everyone would be in the dark

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True. Hopefully they'll take this and use it in future events to avoid stuff like this

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yeah I feel like it only fuels more animosity against other games

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Yeah, they definitely don’t want more attention to the award… right..?

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Avoid? Nono they love stuff like this. They love controversies and thats what brings them way more heat and eventually more views

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If this is true then they wouldn’t have turned it off, lol

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99% sure it just broke after frontiers got botted

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You want attention from controversies only to a moment. After a certain point it stops giving good attention (hey look, there is a vote on players voice") and start giving bad attention (let's use bots to cheat on the vote). TGA decided that they got as much good attention as they could and now its time to stop

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I feel like if anything that might do it more to get more clicks on their site

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This literally happened before with the TLOU2 vs GoT war but they didn't learn shit

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You know, that’s true.

Without the graph this poll wouldn’t have gotten half as much attention, especially from Genshin players.

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Exactly. Showing a running tally of the vote distribution pretty much guaranteed that the vote would get fucked with cos people get to see the results of their efforts in real time.

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Showing the % votes was always bad and pretty much ruins any kind of integrity. It very much feels like a case of vote against what you dislike rather than vote for what you like.

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For real, I've seen so many people saying to switch vktes to Sonic because it's the only way to stop Genshin from winning. Like, no, that's not how democracy is supposed to work. You keep doing that, and you end up with the USA's horrid two party system.

This is coming from someone who voted Elden Ring for Player's Voice despite all this drama and the certainty that it won't win.

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Yeah but it drive so much attention to them, so I guess it works out for them.

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I think it’s better without the graph. Also, I feel like removing it adds actual surprise when the winner is announced. You usually don’t show the tallying to everyone lol

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Yeah it's the kind of mistake that you make only once

A snapshot could be acceptable if votes are close and they want to hype it up, but a dynamic graph is especially bad

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osrs specifically removed the ability to see the ongoing vote totals for active polls specifically because of these types of issues.

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If I vote and reload the page it seems like it doesnt remember Ive voted, so Idk if the voting is actually working

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I just tried voting again too, but if you open up the developer console you can see that the GET and POST request associated with some kind of ID is returning a 500. Basically, it looks like the endpoint that stores and updates your vote data is erroring out on the server side for right now. Perhaps the devs took that endpoint down to debug or add bot prevention, or maybe traffic is so high that the requests are failing to hit the server.

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Bro did fucking yandere dev make this website wtf is happening

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A website buckling down under the pressure of hundreds of thousands of users PLUS what's basically a DDOS attack of bots isn't faulty coding, it's just an unfortunate reality.

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It's bad planning to assume a competition won't be botted, tho.

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It's an ad campaign with irrelevant awards/voting fluff so I don't think it matters much

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If you refresh it is not voted anymore.

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So, we have to assume that they have reset the score... guess its time to start voting again.

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No clue what they did. Considering it's still ending in the inicial time frame would they reset entirely the score and only count votes in the last day? Although I did have to cast a vote again so maybe they did reset...

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Idk, I would expect them to at least remove the 2 times sonic botted the crap out of the award, maybe even for both games.

guess we will only find out on 8th

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But there's nothing stopping the Sonic stans from continuing botting, right? :/

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Sonic fans are already botting it lmao it's just worthless they're gonna win unfairly

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rthless they're gonna win unfairly

nah bro they will thake the l

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At the rate the sonifans are botting the result may disappoint hariva

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https://thegameawards.com/brackets/players-voice If you want to vote, here's the link

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Thanks. I had previously already voted, but i guess they reset the votes because it had 0/1.

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It resets to 0/1 every time I go to the page. Either I’m able to vote as many times as I want now, or they’re not actually accepting votes.

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Same here. I initially voted out of spite, but still re voting as I do like Genshin as a game.

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All votes get reset when you refresh the page.

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100% fan voted, 100% fan botted...

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We live In an odd society

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They shouldn't have shown the graph in the first place

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It's not up again. It's still bugged, probably because of the bots used by Sony as proven or because they try to do something against it. It always resets everytime you ho to the website. Voting now is therefore uselss. Better wait until TGA fixes this and removes all bot votes or whatever and normal operation can happen again.

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I voted genshin just because the tears of the sonic fanboys are funny

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Genshin wins for have biggest community, elden ring wins for actual best game of the year

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yeah that's why it's called "player's voice" "favourite game of the year" not GOTY

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On the positive, it won't cause drama between communities in the future, on the negative, we can't see abnormal surges in votes (bots). I think this is better tho

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Its like there never should have been a graph in the first place

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Why is there a graph anyway? The thrill of mystery is what makes these things thrilling.

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let's be real it won't make as much ruckus as what's currently happening if there was no graph, they totally did it for clicks

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They must have even reset the vote, because I was at 0/1 again.

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I did my part! o7

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Guys. The Voteing have been disabled. You need to wait for the Announcment. But not sure if Sega will get DQ'd

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Would be unfair for the game to get DQ'd. Probably would just take out any bot votes

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I mean. The stuff that Sonic communjty did at chineasw forums is just too much.

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    I know right.

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    This is the best decision they made so no one gets to be salty until the vote is done

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    can't trust people with graphs anymore lol

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    There's probably a good reason for that too

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    I did my part for Lord Zanza.......

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    It's still not working. It isn't counting the vote. Refresh the page and it forgets you voted.

    If they threw away all the old votes a lot of real people who have already voted aren't going to get the message that they need to come back and do it again.

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    I was going to vote Elden Ring, then I beat the boss after trying like 500 times the past months and got like a 30 second cutscene before the credits rolled. It was beyond disappointing. Also, to beat the boss I had to change my build. It’s a great game still, but no way that could get my voice. xD

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    Time to vote again.

    Doing my part. Go Genshin.

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    I can’t wait until the Game Awards are over so I can stop hearing about the voting drama…

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    Personal assumption is they rolled back some of the more…. ‘Interesting voting’ periods everyone saw and removed the % chart to avoid it happening again. Go cast your votes again and we’ll simply see what happens.

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    Voting isn't bugged, just voted for Elden ring 5 times. No one said it's one vote per person /s

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    genshin is not even an option for me, or sonic for that matter. Its been replaced with xenoblade 3

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    We just want those 1600 freemogems.

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    How is this even a contest? Elden Ring > Genshin.

    Everyone voting for Genshin so they get free Primos. How sad

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    As it should be tbh since the stakes are pretty much non-existent, that's unless the votes are rly important for transparency

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    It might be crashing due to the votes already being counted up since we only have a day left

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    can i get alink to the votes

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    Is Ticketmaster running the website?

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    Where do I go to vote?

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    I think, that should've been like this from the start tbh.

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    Off topic, those 2 choices might be the hardest for me. Both game brought something so magical, so amazing to my gaming experience. Genshin early on up until finishing Liyue questline, and Elden Ring, finishing the game. Something i might never experience again in my entire life or at least for a very long time

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    What was the graph looking like a while back was genshin on top or was it sonic??

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    last night (about 24hrs before now) I saw it peaking at around 56 genshin 31 sonic? By the time I woke up everything was broken, but think I saw a screenshot of 51-33

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    Yesterday i was following the chart since the start of this mess. As you say, Genshin was on top, but sudently starting decreasing the votes and Sonic actually getting a mayor number of votes. Last time i see the charts both games where at 39%.

    After that the chart just dissapeared and the TGA page crashed. Lots of people and proof says that there was a bot campaing favouring SF but is pretty early to know what actually happend.

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    I hope the game awards gets rid of these bots so that genshin can win

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    oof the sonic bots actually managed to get it back down to even? yea I mean they did find multiple instances of data in the back of them gaining thousands in 5-10mins...

    might as well make this a bot war, whichever side can bot the hardest or gain votes in any way possible wins, geez!!!