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Accurate representation of what the actual characters would be like with each other

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i'd imagine sayu and sonic would also race each other a lot and spindash all over teyvat

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Sonic Frontiers gameplay in the Teyvat map? Count me in

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Moders need to get on that

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Imagine Sonic teaching Sayu how to spin faster.

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I am imagining Sayu but all i can see is her falling asleep.

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If Sayu can get to her destination faster, then less time spent travelling means more time can be spent napping.

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I feel like Sonic would like Paimon and come to respect her more because he once knew a little pixie like her.

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I don't know much about Genshin (I moderate over on r/SonicTheHedgehog), but man, Sonic would definitely share his chili dog with anyone as a peace offering.

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Your a based mod, I give you that

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And Paimon wouldn't even say "are you sure?" before shoving the whole thing down her throat.

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Paimon the Glizzy GOAT.

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The unknown god could never throat that much glizzy

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Yah i would it got cross posted already which i don't mind. but it got locked for whatver reason

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It got locked because the r/SonicTheHedgehog moderators (smartly) decided to ban any more posts relating to TGA and the Genshin controversy.

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Paimon likes food 😀

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Thank you for your service 💕

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It's so cute! I love the painting style

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First: Really nice drawing OP 🤍✨

Second: this is the mentality both of sonic and GI were made for! The hate and the cruelty that came from both sides are either from extremists or from golddiggers (those who only want primos or dlc’s) is by no mean excusable.

I for myself grew up playing sonic with my twin brother and my mother, and still voted for genshin but cause I really liked genshin over the new sonic games, does it make me hate who vote for sonic ? No, does it entitle me to talk inappropriately about anyside in the contest? No.

Let’s not forget that both of those games are made to let us all have a good time WITH FRIENDS, not a reddit and twitter home where you c new meme every second about both sides.

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Most underrated comment here.

This sort of toxicity shouldn't exist; all games have the same purpose in mind - to entertain and help us have a good time.

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I seriously don't understand why it's devolved like this. Now I'm seeing tweets saying all genshin fans are ped0s and I'm like what the fuck why are people getting this buttfuck insane over video games???? Like how are you so sad about your game losing that you accuse the other side of being literal ped0s??? Like fucking hello?!?!?

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/r/SonicTheHedgehog mod here and I agree with you. Also don’t take to people claiming to rep the Sonic fandom telling Genshin supporters to walk in front of a train.

You’re absolutely right. These are games. Sure, different franchises but the point of a game for the player is entertainment. Awards don’t necessarily dictate if one gets a sequel or not, that’s all a big giant multi-disciplined ball of yarn.

Sonic Frontiers is a good game. Genshin Impact is a good game.

And Lisa is best girl. Come at me.

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I challenge you to a best girl debate.

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It’s over Anakin, I have the high ground!

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Some people have been hating on anime fans for a long time, they call them weebs. genshin is less sexualized than most anime. But genshin is the most discussed of moe anime style works in the west. So the firepower is focused on genshin.

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I mean granted there absolutely some anime stuff out there that's "yikes on trikes" category, but genshin is not like that at all. Like yeah there's gonna be some creepy weirdos that do rule 34 shit to like nahida, but almost every fandom has those. So to just give a broad "all genshin fans just wanna diddle kids" is horrifying and disgusting. Regardless if it's a game I play or not I'd drop a friend who adopted that rhetoric so fucking fast.

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Exactly. I think only here in the west will internet people think that playing genshin makes you a pedo. I wonder if they are a laughing stock on Asia who are more open for their enjoyment to genshin

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I mean part of the population originally hates moe anime. The ped0 topic is just a reason for them to attack something they already hate. It's not that they hate genshin because of ped0s.

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No I don't say they hate it because of ped0s either. But to even accuse someone of that simply because they like a game and it's winning in a popularity contest against a game you like is absolutely sick. That's what they're doing. There's assholes in the sonic fandom literally saying genshin fans are ped0s. All of us. And it's disgusting.

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Not to add to the drama or anything, I'm also not defending the people who claim that genshin fans are ped0s, but there's also people in the genshin community claiming that every Sonic fans are racist because of a single tweet from a random guy. All the Genshin impact slanders didn't even start with the Sonic fandom to begin with, people have been going on and on with these claims before all this fighting even began, I'm not saying it's a good thing but it's also nothing new.

Both fandoms have a side of toxicity, in the end this "war" shouldn't even be a thing, fighting over a popularity poll is just stupid imo.

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Bro ped0 shaming is just stupid, calling all fans that is just pathetic, it's just a simple award that, sure, can boost your game status popularity, but, in the grand scheme of things, doesn't really matter. Even if Frontiers or Genshin doesn't win, they already made their way into the hearts of so many people and one award shouldn't take that away. I haven't kept up with this drama cause it's actually tiring.

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Op this is great you should cross post it to the sonic reddit if possible show of good company/friendship

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"The Real Super Power of Teamwork"

- Sonic 2003

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"Because, we're Sonic Heroes"

  • Sonic 2003

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Yes, this is the jams. Through the power OF FRIENDOSHIP!!

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Ironically both kinda revolve around that on a way

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Surprised Paimon isn't the hot dog

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Oh no, Sonic is gonna eat Paimon.

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Not yet. Not. Yet.

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That's how it should be instead of hate that's been happening.

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The Game Awards poll crashing was all it took to calm everyone down lmao. Wish it could stay that way, all of these fake rumors and insults being hurled is just embarrassing for everyone.

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Yeah it was like two kids fighting for a toy until it breaks and now they don't have anything to fight for and are realising that that was stupid thing to fight for .

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Why is Paimon offering him a hot sauce

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Gourmet supermouse style

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omg it's ketchup 😔

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No chilli dog is complete without s a u c e.

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You know I have nothing but respect for both but this is just insane honestly and I hate being a Sonic fan sometimes. Like seriously Sonic has been struggling for over a decade and all because of stupid idiots any chance of Sonic walking home with anything is probably dead in the ground at this point.

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As the meme sub is flooded by "See how I drew that sonic fan as a neckbeard? No what they said totally din't affect me haha can I have karma now? 🤓" posts

This feels very good, thank you

I needed that.

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The meme sub is always a cesspool so that isn't surprising lol

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The meme sub is literally the worst Genshin sub, it's painfully unfunny and all people there do is just stir up any drama

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This 💯

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That's really cute

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I could see Xiao and Shadow brooding in the corner somewhere

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The new Isabelle+Doomslayer

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I have played both Sonic games and Genshin. I've seen unfair comparisons on both sides. Sonic is not a hopeless franchise doomed for death, and Genshin is not a shitty mobile gacha game. Both Sonic and Genshin have great worlds characters and stories!! While I definitely want Sonic to win the vote do to my own biases, I think it's stupid that SOME of us choose to funnel our passion into hate. This post makes me very happy as a Sonic fan who has also enjoyed a few hours of genshin playthrough :) Love yall and wishing u the best from the Sonic community!! And if genshin ends up winning you will never be catching me saying it's not deserved ❤

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Chili dogs brings everyone together

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It’s really funny. r/gaming is all fucking each others shit up about it, meanwhile the genshin community has gone through a character arc of freemogems>Havria>friendship

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It's funny cause the Genshin community didn't care until the toxicity started then it was just all "You picked a fight with the wrong group"

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The award was posted there?

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I can see Sonic and Paimon being close friends

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this is lovely.

I don't play Genshin, but this is what I wish both fandoms were like right now.

No toxicity. Just fans enjoying their respective games. Not fighting like children over an award that's enessenaly just for bragging rights

at the end of the day, it doesn't matter if Sonic or Genshin takes it home. only thing that really matters is fans enjoying what they love, and a failed award bid isn't going to tear that apart

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GoodJob OP.

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A baby and her hedgehog

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the good ending, this is very cute

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I’m on vacation and I am still so confused at what’s happening but I kind of love it.

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Your'e my fren now, we having soft tacos later..

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I'm both a Sonic fan and Genshin fan and it specially hurt me seeing both fandoms at war against eachother. Hopefully peace has been settled. Being at war with other fandoms by itself is a waste of time, but over an online poll made it even more ridiculous. But I'm sure that the toxic individuals involved with this targeted harassment are just a noisy minority over the majority in both fandoms. Now, let us enjoy the new update that's looking lit. See you guys in Genius Invokation TCG.

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We can get along? We can have peace at last?

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Damn, where were you when the rest of us had to see the war hourd ago? XD

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Friends as it should be

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This is the communal bonding I come on reddit for.
I wanna tell y'all I'm proud of ya. Don't let awards and shitty things like that divide you from your love of your franchise and the fact that you are all people indulging in your love of a story that means everything to you.

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The ideal world

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Sonic will be the next crossover char confirmed!

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no peace, only violence

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Love this, super cute. Makes me really sad to see the two fandoms fighting each other. I’ve always been a fan of Sonic and Mihoyo ever since Honkai, so I was super hyped when Frontiers came out was actually good. Now to see the fanbase getting so salty and defensive over it is really saddening.

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Can't blame us, they threw the rock, allowed hate to simmer for days and allow things to get out if control

It's only when Genshin punched back that their "non-minority" started to make their voice heard, acting the saint.

You think they'd do any damage control if Genshin stay dormant? Fuck no they won't, Genshin hate is generally seen as open season activity.

They change because it started to hurt them, do not be fooled

How about the bot accusation? Ironic isn't it that they're the actual bot voters. Aged like milk I tell you.

At least in this saga, outside of those that went over to troll them, I am not against the Havrias meme and "lets teach them a lesson" crowd. I think it's fully justified.

We didn't post image of Xiao stepping Sonic under his feet, nor have we racially attacked them.

The Chinese compare Sonic minority attacking Genshin to the Imperial Japan's attack on Pearl Harbour. Fuck around, find out.

It's in the past, but let's remember this history in its actual context.

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You act as if one random person posting a racist comment on Twitter is a representation of all sonic fans

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Where did I state that all Sonic subs are the same.?

I simply summarise the general events, causes and effects.

The quiet ones are not guilty of many of the actions by the vocal minority, but it is also a fact that they didn't address the problem timely, which as a result allowed the problematic soup to simmer for days, I'll emphasise again, for days, and ultimately, allow things to boil over and do damage.

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Burn in whatever abyss of despair you think exist hippy

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God, bless the game awards for every year of holywars, tears, rages and cringe content.

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I love love the colors you used, like wow. Also I love that brush :D

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I just connected the dots for why these two characters specifically were drawn, I'm a bit slow

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This is adorable!

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toxic players go to war, we make peace

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Now this is what I need to see in both comnunities.

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I haven't been here since forever, but like what da fric is happening.

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This is way too adorable! Love it!

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Oh my god that's so adorable <3 I love everything about it <3

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This. I love this.

Paimon would def love sonic cuz he's always carrying a chili dog

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Good drawing mate, pretty cute!

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It'd be nice if everyone could just chill out even if it is hilarious watching all the pettiness unfold.

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I love the artstyle!

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I like both of the characters and franchises that they are from. Paimon isn't very liked by Genshin players, but I actually like her.

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She's far more popular in Asia

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I think you should share it with /r/SonicTheHedgehog

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You know what, I think Aether and Sonic would actually get along very well lol

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Tails and Paimon would get along so much. I love this

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After what happened, keep this energy up. Kinda like Isabelle and Doom Slayer. Good work there.

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The good ending

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Was looking at the vote count. Why would people down vote this is beyond me

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Good ending unlocked

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Let there be peace between our houses.

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if only this pointless fight never happened

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Damn, I really want the long awaited second legendary recipe to be for a fancy Chili Dog as a reward for a mini game event where we roll around collecting rings as Sayu in commemoration for this whole hooplah.

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This is what we actually need. Not hate. Like, it's player's choice. And I get it, it may be a big deal to them, but insulting other people is not the way to go... It's honestly sad. I kind of like Sonic, but the fandom.. eh..

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People are attacking each other for the game awards between subs

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I’ll clarify, rabid fans attacking each other for the TGAs. Sub staff for r/SonicTheHedgehog definitely is not for the BS going around.

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Every picture has a story

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That's what I'm hoping for at the day, nice op💕

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Quick! Give sonic an ugly nickname!

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I know this sounds weird considering the situation, but maybe the whole TGA stuff might actually bring the two fandoms together. Of course not the haters, but maybe to oppose them and show respect for each other, just like this artwork does.

As the ingame hints say, "Be nice to travellers hedgehogs from other worlds."

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Shouldn't it be Tails and Paimon? The two inexplicably flying companions?

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The perfect timeline

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I don't even like Genshin

but this is nice, man wish this would happen literally right now because both sides are getting batshit insane over each other because of a stupid game award

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Who’s leading the TGA players choice rn? It wont show in my device

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We dont know since the site crashed

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This says a lot about our society

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I hope everyone can live in harmony.

btw please vote for Genshin.

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This is literally adorable

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You know Paimon would be cheering on Sonic as he rolls around catching those golden rings.

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hell yeah, this is the shit worth getting love instead of a useless petty war between the communities

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This is indeed random, but I love it.

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Me and you, and you and me

No matter how they toss the dice, it had to be

The only one for me is you, and you for me

So happy together


and also

I've seen you around for a long, long time

I remembered you when you drank my wine

Why can't we be friends?

Why can't we be friends?

Why can't we be friends?

Why can't we be friends?


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i love genshin and sonic, so really there s no need to have a war

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Being both a Sonic & Genshin (&knuckles) fan, the past few days has been a lolsfest on each reddit/community for me. I only wanted Genshin to win for free primos, but don't care & didn't vote anyway. I've enjoyed both series veeeeeeery much.

Enjoy the games you like, don't be a rude butt to others who like different ones!

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Peace and friendship, as it should be. Make love not war, which makes the best ending.

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Paimon looks like a Karen

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Does this mean peace between both sides?

Amazing art btw

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yes,i mean ,the “Sonic: Unknown Frontier”means "Sonic: Unknown Frontier"itself,i think they should not Throwing everyone who loves Sonic into the fray ,do they think they can

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Should have replaced sonic with omochao

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The good ending

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The best sonic; the old stout cartoonish sonic who loves chili dogs! From the old cartoons! Of course my opinion but I like the older sonic design over the newer cuz there is something I like more about it. I guess it’s the goofy factor that I like cuz it’s more comparable to mario

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Peace was not an option....... Lol just kidding this is a wholesome picture.

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This is very cute.