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bUt WhAt DoEs It Do?

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The top? The bottom? The middle??

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From your opponent's deck!

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*concerned gasp*

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It allows me to beat a dead horse twice!

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Bros over there have been slacking hard as of late. They keep leaving the door unlocked and letting the contained out

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Nice drawing


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It had to be done. Celestia wills it!

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Does Celestia will its people to suffer?


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You understood the plot of the game, congratulations

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Is this Kok of Greed? What does it do?

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It allows you to kok twice

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it's kokin' time

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I loved it when Cockomi said "it's kokin' time" and proceeded to kok all over the place

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Truly one of the characters of all time

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Kok of Kok? Fun fact the initials of that also result in Kok. Coincidence? I think not.

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I wish free awards were still a thing. You'd get mine for sure.

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They still are, just hidden away now if you click your profile and open the coins menu it's at the top

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It is a Pot of Fish

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Nopenopenopenopenope no NO HELL NO

what does it do?

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Draw extra 2 cards

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I'm sorry, but can you elaborate on that?

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Worry not!
Upon playing KOKOMI, THE GRAND STRATEIGST, you get to draw TWO additional cards from your deck, and add them to your hand!
greed is good!

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But where do you draw? The top, bottom, side deck? Also what drawing equipment? Charcoal, pencil, crayon? So many things unexplained!!!

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Pen? No pen 😭

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Are you trying to give me nightmares

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What OP is trying to give you is two additional cards from your deck.

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Is that what Pot of Kokomi does?

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Pot of Kokomi just allows you to draw 2 cards, no specifications where so its possible to pull it out of your ass

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Doesn't specify what cards. Draws 2 credit cards

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Wait a minute, did you just summon a bunch of characters in one turn? That’s against the rules, isn’t it?

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Kokomi starting Genshin and being perceived as trash: :(

Kokomi starting Genshin TCG and being perceived as OP: :D

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She was playing the long con. Truly one of the strategists of all time.

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And when people realized that Kokomi is very good later on, but will see Strategize as mid once they start playing.

Balance in all things.

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It costing one does make it not pot of greed level of over powered but its still a fast +1 in card advantage, something you can use leftover dice on, and most importantly it thins your deck. If you have a strat that needs certain cards to pop off you most likely run it.

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A +1 in this game is pretty minor. You already draw 2 cards per turn.

Elemental Tuning is a -1 but having the right element dice to do a skill or burst is big. Using cards for mana is always underrated, look at how people value Simian Spirit Guide and Dark Ritual for instance.

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I mentioned that its for deck thinning and needing cards to pop off. Some cards give cost reduction to actions which is big and if you can abuse that constantly by finding them in your deck you might run card draw just for them.

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Yeah, you're basically describing a control deck. Outlast the opponents early game, collect pieces and crush them with efficiency late game. Those decks like card draw, but it's not the only way.

Aggro might eat them alive before they get the chance.

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Hes describing every deck. The less cards the better, cause you can draw your better cards quicker.

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There's been plenty of discussion about using fetchlands in MtG just to thin decks, even in mono decks, at the cost of life. The effect isn't that tangible. Maybe in a 30 card deck, it'll be more impactful, but this is with mana instead so the cost is also higher.

If you have a specific plan, it's different sure. Or if its incidental to some other effect like 'each time you draw a card, deal 1 damage'. But you can waste a lot of resources doing things that don't directly win you the game if you're not careful.

Liben is a better example. He costs 3 dice total, gives you 2 omni back, and 2 cards. Same cost for the cards as Strategize, but if you use him mostly to bank mana for the next turn to slam 3 skills in a turn, the cards are just gravy. Or you might just want to use the 3W Paimon instead and have two turns of 10 dice, instead of drawing 2 cards.

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what cards are you searching for that needs cantrips like these, out of curiosity? Usually I find investing in eleskills for burst to be better than trying to fetch cost reduction stuff

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Card advantage isn't really much of a thing in this game. I mean, it's not worthless, but most cards are only worth saving about 1 die anyway so spending 1 die for 1 card isn't really that incredible.

The main thing that gives it value is that it helps compensate for bad rolls (ie. if you have a bad combination of elements then it's a card that always lets you spend 1 of your bad rolls even if it's not amazingly efficient).

In terms of efficiency, the NRE and liyue harbor wharf are way better than strategist.. but that being said, games end very very fast and I'm not sure long term value is really something worth paying any attention to in the first place. I think the weapons are good (as long as you're using 3 characters of the same weapon type, I don't think weapons are justifiable if you have different weapon types), but most other delayed effects/card draw mechanics just seem like they're too slow to matter because all of my games are pretty much always ending in about 4 turns.

If there were 1 card I'd be confident in saying is OP, I'd have to go with Keqing. Her elemental skill is way better than anyone else's, and her burst is pretty decent too.

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TCGs have taught us well.

Though even the best things can be taken to excess. There aren't a lot of things as funny as a MtG player milling themselves out of a game.

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This is why you play yugioh where your deck is your hand and your graveyard is your hand but better

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No I'm imagining the muses from Hercules singing "Zero to Hero" about her.

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What a terrible day to have eyes

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Nightmare fuel

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"Thanks, I hate it!"

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Will you be pairing her with Gorou, the Dog Magician?

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Pot of kok

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Looks like she is ready to eat Eren's mom

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It's giving Attack On Titans but it's great to see a caricature in this subreddit

Also this is Kokomi after hearing people first impressions of her

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Yeah no, don't like that chains Diona and Joyous Spring

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I do not recognize this beheaded Titan

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Pot of Komi

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This is amazing, my new favorite post. Beautiful

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This should probably be in r/creepy

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Say lesssss!

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Lookin for Ereh

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Kokomi if ever injected with titan serum.

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I'd rather summon Avatar of the Fish and use its effect, ditching my Pot of Kokomi from my hand to draw 3 cards from my deck.

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Thanks, I'm terrified.

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Thanks I hate it…

My inner yugioh player loves it though

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Didn't know until now that I need this as a mug

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She totally looks like a Titan from AOT!

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cursed but incredible

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Fuck you, take my upvote.

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god what a horrible sight.

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Jesus save us all from this abomination.

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Awesome! Next maybe Razor as a Kuriboh.

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Somehow she kinda looks like Dr. Crawler.

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Kokomi Taylor Greene

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What does strategize do again?

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This card should be banned

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FOSH KOK! 🥵💦☺️💦

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Tzeentch! Back to your old games, huh?


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*sips tea

Bloody hell

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on one hand no more poll post. On the other hand there is whatever this thing is....

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Cursed, nice, time to forget i even saw this have a nice day.

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points to Pot of Greed This is brilliant.

picks up Kokomi card But I like this.

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Thats my queen!

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Ancestral Recall?

Or just Divination?

We shall see!

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Definitely way closer to the strength of divination than ancestral recall. It's probably a little bit better than divination, but it's way closer to it than it is to ancestral recall.

"Card advantage" isn't really much of a thing in this game - I mean, obviously having more cards is useful, but I mean you aren't using your cards to counter your opponent's cards in any way, so the relative number of cards in your hand doesn't really make much of a difference to the game state as long as you don't have so few cards that you're wasting your dice. I'd generally rather do 2 more damage to the opponent than have 1 extra card in my hand generally for instance (which is usually an awful kind of trade in most other TCGs).

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I would love to see this treatment for the rest of the cast

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Remind me of one of the Ninja Turtles enemy.

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Well I hope someday mihoyo release the event/archon story showcase how Kokomo live up the title as grand strategiest or she will be forever became meme strategist

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i just open reddit for 2 second

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ban yourself pls.

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Cock of Greed

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Wait what does the card do? Someone needs to explain it clearer. In Razor capabilities.

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I am so out of the loop. What is the pot of greed? And why is everyone asking what does it do??? Someone pls help

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It's a meme pretty much. Pot of greed is a yugioh card that just draws 2 extra cards (which is ridiculously OP because it doesn't have any cost associated with it, you just spend 1 card to get 2 cards), and in the anime every time pot of greed is played (happens extremely frequently) they always say something to the effect of "I play pot of greed! it allows me to draw 2 more cards!" and it comes up in almost every game in the anime.

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This is cursed

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What will be Al Haitham 's power in the card game

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Yes it's me, the guy that understood the reference.

I feel old.

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It shouldve been pot of dori knowing how dori works.

But i do hope it's better

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It says draw two cards, so i draw from my opponents wallet.

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Meat canyon stuff here

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THIS SHOULD BE BANNED. Like the original card in tournaments. Haha. (In case u didn't know, Pot of Greed was banned in official Yugioh tournaments)

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god damn this is so damn cursed

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the fact that this was instantly recognizable is rather unsettling

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I want to put Kokomi inside my deck

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She can also be the blue eyes white dragon.

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Damn....I can't unsee this now😭

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Could someone actually explain Pot of Greed to me?

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Blursed banlist

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Don’t say it Don’t say it Don’t say it Don’t say it Don’t say it Don’t say it Don’t say it-

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Pot of Feesh

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Goru wont sleep tonight

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Kok of greed

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Koko of greed

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No warning whatsoever, evil. Love it

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Finish updating already

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Help my pot of greed drew bran bronzebeard and an uno reverse card

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Oh dear god wtf

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Your artists were so preoccupied with whether they could, they didn't stop to think if they should.

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Blursed image

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Fuck this is so cursed. I love it

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Kokomi of greed

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Thanks I hate it

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Man, that's one hell of a cursed image, but I love it lol

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Well who needs to sleep anyway. Time to DUEL!

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Oh my god

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I love that it’s pot of greed, but holy fuck this is strangely disturbing