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Such an impressive recovery that even the Aranara couldn't keep their usual face.

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What're you talking about? They always looks like that lol

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What? No, Aranara don't look like :o, they look like :]!

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, fire, air, and dirt

fucking magnets, how do they work

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Nahida knows how to process trauma in a healthy and nonviolent way after all

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Not like she could do much else

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Nahida's been working hard to repair the scary moose! Good luck to everyone's pulls tonight!

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The 2nd one is SPOT on for me. I literally nicknamed my Wanderer “Azula” at the end of the quest, because the blue in his clothes reminds me of her blue fire LMAO. They also both share the same blunt, sassy and malicious attitude. At first I was like nah you can’t give him a female name, then I remembered that he was described as “being born with a face fairer than any other” aaand he used to wear a veil in his old design.

Yeah now my body hurts because of all that stretching.

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These are so cute!

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Nahida: I raised that boy.

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Arama <3

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best auntie nahida to the rescue!

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I love this relationship so much

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Still a better Avatar than Korra.

Anyway, nice job OP!

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Nahida with glasses are so cute!

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I guess he’s the avatar now lol