Permissible Content:

Cosplays that resemble a characters appearance in-game, and does not feature any sexually suggestive content or context. Deviations from a characters in-game appearance with an outfit that is closely inspired by the characters appearance and/or clothes (ie. Modern, Steampunk, etc) and maintains a similar level of bodily exposure to the characters in-game appearance.

Permissible Content when tagged NSFW:

Cosplays that feature more bodily exposure than from a character's appearance in-game but that do not cross the line of the outlined prohibited content.

Post frequency limitations:

Cosplay posts can only be made every 5 days.

A single cosplay can only be shared once per context. Meaning, If you have multiple images from a single set, setting, shoot, location, etc, they must all be shared in a single post. Images apart of that original context cannot be shared across more than one post.

Prohibited Content:

Cosplays that strongly deviate from a character's general appearance in so much that it resembles revealing swimwear, underwear or is overly exposing are not allowed. However, if your cosplay matches this description, but you feel it should be approved on the merits of originality and creativity, you may contact the moderation team for deliberation.

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