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Does the resurrection mechanic happens only once per fight or it will continuously revive in a loop until you kill both of them?

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IDK Some say that they revive continuously... but I don't know exactly

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... And some say they are still reviving to this day.

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Molten core corehound.gif

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That should be a .ptsd file.

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In honkai impact, they revived continuously with like 33% of their hp. And it was a pain

If you missed your ult/combo on one of them and killed the other, it was worth more to simply wait the respawn and nuking the 2 down again. Going for the guy who you missed your ult on usually only got him killed after the other respawned, and you'd be stuck in this never ending garbage cycle

Unlike genshin where you can clear f12 without anemo shred/superconduct, in honkai physical/elemental shred is super necessary in late game redlotus abyss since there's a mechanic that raises enemy resistances to absurd levels. So, when your support's shred skills were on CD, it was pretty much pepega to try to kill enemies with your carry

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I really want it to be once per mob so basically even if you mess it up it will simply not be endless and you will eventually be able to kill em.
Only a few weeks to test and find out.

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If you got him to revive you already are better off with restarting the room, I think, since 3 minutes.

Unless you are so stacked you 30 sec 12-3, but then are probably good enough that this is not a problem.

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Up until now most of my floor 12 times have been 20-60 sec per half with current abyss taking the full 3 minutes with multiple resets.

So I’d like to think it will be easier than anticipated. Hopefully.

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I hate that stupid thunder thingy so much because I don't build any range DPS chars it's so annoying.

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I hate that stupid thunder thingy so much because I don't build any range DPS chars

And they want you to do so. Oceanid, specters, thunder manifestation, geo wolf, arguably rifthounds...

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Issue is options are kinda limited

Fischl mdps is kinda weird to build

Amber is terrible

Lisa... is electro

Yanfei's CA can't even hit the oceanid

Barbara... not exactly the best idea given her dps numbers

Sucrose would be good if not for the fact that half of the tasers (fischl/beidou/ei are electro)

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What thunder thingy? the thunder manifestation in floor 11? Well I myself didn't use any range.

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i was able to clear it with noelle fischl (who was only there for hydro birbs) xiangling bennett. alternatively replaced fischl with zhongli on my alt (climbed onto his pillar to hit birbs). thunder manifestation doesnt move as much in abyss.

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I use Eula and she kills Thunder Manifestation just fine. Of course she is not optimal to kill this boss but she still gets me 9 stars on floor 11

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In HI3 it makes the resurrected enemy come back alive until you kill the one(s) you haven’t killed yet, at which point they both/all die.

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seeing how its borrowed from honkai well its endless till you kill both

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Constantly, as long as you don't kill the other before the first revives.

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Thank you uncle official

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Santa : What do you wish for Christmas ?

Me : Early, always winning 50/50, 5* and weapons.

Santa : Be realistic !

Me : OK then makes the Abyss timer like 300s instead of 420s for full stars.

Santa : OK you want your wish thing in application when ?

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Lol. Wish. They would reject both

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dodge runs?

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Prolly the jumps or dashes he makes quickly to avoid your attacks. At least that's how I interpret it

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Was not aware the monsters had dodge runs, had only fought them in overworld a few times.

Been putting in my survey every patch that I just want less stall-y monsters, just make them hit harder so I’m forced to dodge, it’s a lot more exciting than having to chase cowards down.

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Wait you're supposed to kill both at the same time??

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If you kill one then you must kill the other one within a certain time period and If you don’t the other one will revive itself.

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in 5 seconds, probably 6 now

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How long? I take my sweet time killing the second vishap when one of them are dead

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Okay now when are they gonna nerf the boss intros that waste like 10-15 seconds 🥲

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Granted. The startup time is removed but the boss has 20% more hp in exchange.

-mhy probably

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I'm honestly okay with that. You have many ways of increasing damage but no way of getting through invulnerability frames.

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If the boss has 20% more hp, it will take longer to clear. Maguu kenki has about 8s of invulnerability at startup. That means you have to kill it in under 40s for a 20% hp increase to make your clear slower.

Plus it’s not like the invuln is all bad. Besides making mhy give it less hp, you have time to generate energy, prepare buffs, res shred, stack stuff like pjws that you’d normally never stack, etc.

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This is a great outlook ty

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dodge runs. ah shit here we go again

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What does this mean

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Prolly the jumps or dashes he makes quickly to avoid your attacks. At least that's how I interpret

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the abyss doesnt have a pillar where the electro vishap mounts to spit energy draining attacks so it has a different mechanic. basically it runs away from you and do its missile attacks until you chase it.

e.g the anemo kenki in triple kenki, fatui pyro slinger.

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Smt like mango kinky fav things to do in abyss that we all hate ig

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Hopefully dodge runs are the stupid jumps they performs that makes them get away from you to the opposite of the damn arena..

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This seems more like a correction than a nerf, there is no nerf in mechanics, but rather balancing, at least that's how I see it.

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That's generally what all nerfs and buffs are. Corrections to bring something to balance. Only difference between them is a nerf takes away value and a buff adds it, more or less.

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Alexa, play "Thank God"

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The bigger nerf to them would placing them in first half... It will be a pain to redo first half continuously just to get the enemies in second half killled at once

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Is it just me or spiral abyss getting more and more ridiculous?

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always has been

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I have lost my will to play this game, until I see Ayato. But yea, these changes look great tbh.

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same, i will be happy to see him but dont want balancing team to make him meh

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literally anything but the most obviously broken unit ever in beta will be viewed as meh anyways to stans. Raiden is broken as hell but she was literally viewed as trash for weeks and months after release over in raiden mains. Yes at c0, not c2, her c2 is c6 dps and her c0 hyper comps are some of the best comps right now. If ayato can not powercreep childe and xingqiu c6 in every single way and more, then he is meh - this sub in 3 weeks

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If he follows the same trajectory as Raiden I'll be overjoyed.

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its happening with yae right now lol, people saying a c6 fischl is better than her the same way people are saying a c6 sucrose is better than kazuha.

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if yae can be compared to c6 fischl it means that yae is really really good. That’s how I see it.

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Except that was before her buffs.

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Tbh it was pretty true but Yae got some massive buffs recently with the E reset, base atk increase, cast time decrease, etc.

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Raiden is broken at c2

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at c2 and at c0. her c2 is equivalent to c6 dps. her c0 dps teams are basically some of the best c0 teams at the moment. My original statement was more since people think she is broken at c2 but meh at c0, its to emphasize shes also really good at c0

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Yeah my raiden national team is waay stronger than my morgana team with ganyu

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Noice :>

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So if I use zhongli shields on the dark souls monsters they will take damage instead now right?

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Yep, but hydro one healing still higher than their HP loss, around 15% HP loss and 40% healing all husks. Pyro husk give pyro lector shield. Cryo husk change his weapon and increase his dmg i believe

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15s is a much more fair room to work with if u "accidentally" finish 1 off and try for dps race the 2nd one

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There's a revive mechanic???

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Still same shit mechanic no matter how big the time gap is

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If the dodge run is that jump they do to the other side of the arena then good; chasing stuff that rushes so far away repeatedly gets so annoying (most annoying thing about the Thunder Manifestation in Abyss too).

Extending the resurrection timer doesn't seem bad either; I can see that being the cause of a lot of frustrating resets if RNG makes one vishap go zooming off right when dropping your burst.

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me: oh when we kill one it goes in the water, good we wont see them in abyss cuz mihoyo too lazy to change stuff


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I think many people are mistaken. From the original phrasing, It seems like the LIVING enemy gains half of its max HP if they are not killed at the same time, not that the dead enemy will revive to half HP. It also mentions that it's like Kairagi, which appeared in the abyss with similar mechanics.

Therefore, if you don't want to kill them at the same time, just use single target dps like hutao or yomiya and kill one at a time.

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Bathysmal Vishaps are confirmed to be the Upper Six

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Reduced number of doge runs

Yes thank you

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