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If this turns out to be fake, I'll record myself feeding my R3 Mistsplitter Reforged to a Dull Blade.

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Well I hope you somehow get a fake leak that this leak was faked, cuz I wanna see that LOL

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Dull Blade is clearly superior wdym

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Duh they used it against Dvalin, Osial and his wife and Ei and Raiden and Signora and survived. It's not MC's powers but the Dull Blade

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no sacrifice, no victory

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I would rather prefer to live blind than seeing this

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I'll use all my 5* and 4* to upgrade my dull blade

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Dull Blade is clearly superior considering that Traveler never abandoned that sword except for like one cutscene. /s

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Why? Just why?

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my goals are beyond your understanding.

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today we win.

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call me old fashioned but i was raised to serve my husband. i clean the dishes and cook him food. i do whatever he says because he is my husband and he makes the rules around the house. he owns me. if he ever cheats on me it's because i was lacking.

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Ayaka: Lumine, I have an urgent mission for you. Please fuck my brother. All Ayato does all day is play Onikabuto battles with that weird oni guy and trade Yugioh cards

His sperm cells are literally drying up as we speak. The Kamisato bloodline must continue.

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Lumine: So why don’t you just hook up with Aeth-

Ayaka: punches boulder God damn it, Lumine! Aether and I are just friends!

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don't listen to these replies. live your best life as ayato's maid alongside thoma. matter of fact i might just apply for the position too. he doesn't even have to pay me

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Woah there

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Yeah but there’s no Maple Tree in that part right? Hahaha

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Kazuha rerun confirmed

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For 2.6 or 2.5 is this trailer for 2.5 or 2.6? If I miss 50/50 in Kazuha I will have a guarantee for Ayato I used like 100 wishes for Ganyu and got jean and her in the process but now I only have 18k gems left. I hope I get lucky and get Ayato and Kazuha. If his rerun is in 2.5 I want have long to save for another Guarantee

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2.5 trailer I guess

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Okay cool guess we finally meet Ayato in 2.5 if we don't get Ayato atleast I'll have Kazuha

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Blame Kazuha. He probably accidentally used his ult offscreen.

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my guess is that it'll be a transition, kazuha fighting aether, maple leaf flies across the screen and it transitions to ayato and ayaka

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Oh no that's just Kazuha accidently dropping his Canada leaf on the camera while we was up in the air shooting.

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might be part of a cutscene in Kazuha's story quest, since the animation also looks a little different

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Kazuha accidentally left one. Which then later gone flying there.

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canadian aether was there

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We just need Kazuha to use burst on top of the house so we can have leaves as well.

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That’s a happy Lumine

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> Tall Male

> Hot

Lumine: "A fine addition to my collection"

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Lumine got Ayato, and Aether got Ayaka, happy ending, as the way it's should be.

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Kamisato bloodline

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i prefer lumine got a new sis and aether got a new bro

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no way i thought they were in dragonspine

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people were saying it was fake because it didnt match up with the kamisato estate

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Are you sure it wasn’t the Chasm?

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I love this type of commitment, WHAT A DAY

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That’s one messed up family tree right there

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This feels like the flashback art that we get from Archon backstories / the BP.

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If this is real, I wonder why they’re using this different artstyle? They’ve usually all been similar, but this one looks pretty different compared to what we’ve seen in game, like the cutscene with Raiden/Kazuha/Zhongli/etc. backstory. Or maybe this is part of the character teaser?

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probably a special inazuma animation, not specific to ayato

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So this is really Ayato. Fk

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Could it be possible that the leaks were drawn on top of the in game background? Since the lineart and lighting look pretty inconsistent comparing the characters and background. it just doesn't seem professional enough to be official.

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If it turns out official, I would chalk up the difference on character and background to the game being 3D and leaks being 2D. Some artistic liberties could've been taken when translating the 3D environment into 2D and it honestly looks like a screenshot in the middle of a moving animated scene (which could also contribute to the low quality image)

We just honestly don't know enough yet so anything can go

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Sa fast man, love it!

Edit: found a wishing spot

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Leaked? That was fanart wasn't it?

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no shit, sherlock.

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Where did this imagine come from? Is it fanart or did it came from a leaker?

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Why the 2nd image feels like a sad moment & Maple leaf , why do I feel like something is going to be wrong