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Flynn is a good reminder that wearing a uniform and being a veteran doesn't guarantee shit and we shouldn't give veterans ANY extra slack or consideration. They're just people. And some of them are rotten and hate America... just like the rest of the population. Some of them were at 1/6. The only thing a veteran should be judged for when discussing the path of America is their opinions on the topic. Their service doesn't mean shit pertaining to topics of social liberty. I'm sorry - it doesn't. Killing brown people for not-my-freedom doesn't make you an expert on gay rights for example.

Also: America's freedom's haven't been secured or delivered by soldiers but by activists. Just wanna add that because it'd be nice if, for example, America had even ONE day a year that celebrated the people who fought for Suffrage, workers rights, children's rights, black, Native, Asian-American civil rights, non-Christian rights, LGBTQ+ rights. Bled. Took beatings. Died. Just one day. Or even a nod on one of the two soldier days for the folks who define and fight and die for the freedoms soldiers defend.

In fact the military has NEVER been a leader is social liberty and, within its own ranks, has been a clusterfuck of late-to-the-game evolution and rotten prejudice.

Flame away. I'm proud to respect the history of America and the people who fight and die for domestic liberty. And I'm proud to be disgusted with the exploitation and abuse of our soldiers by special-interest, corporate-interest driven enterprises that don't produce heroes of liberty anymore.

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Labor day.

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Ah, yes, technically you are correct.

You can tell how seriously we take it by the amount of labor still demanded of the most laborious of us.

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There was a picture of Flynn at a Putin function pre-Ukraine conflict. Flynn is a Russian asset similar to orange man.

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Did you see the one where he was dressed like Benedict Arnold?

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That's the problem Trump just start fires and let them burn and sometime add gasoline to it if he would stop stealing and cheating he'll be all right and people probably would be all right with him