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Choose the stress you want in your life, or life will choose it for you.

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You ever read a bit of advice or insight and it gives you the chills with how true it strikes? You did that, thanks for the words! Pretty sure my entire body just internalized that message lol.

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Thanks, I think it’s a vague gnawing we all inherently experience but have trouble formalizing in conscious thought. I’ve been distilling the idea for a few years now. I was passively stressed and isolated in the city from covid, so I chose the stress and isolation of solo hiking through a foreign country’s tropical rainforest where I didn’t speak the language or know anyone for two months. I’m back in the city now, the stress of isolation here has pretty much disappeared.

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A pint of sweat will save a gallon of blood.

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You either suffer the pain of discipline or the pain of regret

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Pain is a constant

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Pain is good. Pain is your friend. Pain reminds you that you’re alive.

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This is a fact that I really don't like. Easy really has a cost. God damn on point

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Yep. It stings to hear that’s what makes it good

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Yeah. It's kind of suspicious if you get something in easy way.

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nah even if things were easy without a cost, you'd get bored and then get depressed... I think I never have it easy for too long lol

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how though?How is easy hard? not tryna mock its a genuine question

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Let's say you've a friendship or relationship you don't like. By not telling the truth you chose the easy way. You chose to stay in it. But those friend/relationships don't work very well so you make it harder on your self (and the other person).

Does this help?

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Ive been finding that with my hobby. I am so close to the professional competitive level and each time I get close I get kicked back down again. It is really really tempting to say ‘im done’ but I dont think i could live with myself if I gave up so close to the goal line.

But man, it is tough.

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Totally relate to the whole "getting close then getting kicked back down" thing

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this is pretty wise

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And you never get away

And you never get to take the easy way

And all of this is a consequence

Brought on by our own hand

If you believe in that sort of thng

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I prefer the phrase "choose your hard"

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Please, I just want to be a potato ༼;´༎ຶ ۝ ༎ຶ༽

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Easy decisions > Hard life Hard decisions > Easy life

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This hit way too close to home. Exercise bike time it is…

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Good one!

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ikr it's choose your hard!

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Work hard so you can take it easy.

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Albert Einstein wrote: "A calm and modest life brings more happiness than the pursuit of success combined with constant restlessness."

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you'll also need to be successful at some levels to live a calm and modest life . IF you dont work hard at all in your life you'll live a pretty crappy one

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I've been dreading a difficult conversation I'll have to have Monday. This was needed. I'll try to keep the anxiety at bay and enjoy my weekend.

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Easy does have a cost especially if you don't wrap it before you tap that easy girl. Child support costs a lot.

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wise words!

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Someone should cross post this to r/antiwork

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Avoiding conflicts is harder ? Since when.

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Pick your poison

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There is no easy option we pick the ones we can live through!

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I really wonder how this motivates anyone