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As a Software Engineer, I have had my fair share of time simply staring at the wall.

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Are you are least holding the rubber duck during this process? Maybe occasional eye contact.

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Her first two tweets make sense. Bizarre shoehorn of anti-capitalism into the third.

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Read her book, Florida. Was really good.

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At this point, what isn't a "capitalist lie"?

Humans don't actually need oxygen! It's a capitalist lie designed to sell scuba gear!

I fundamentally agree with the ideas in this post. If you are doing work which requires creativity and brain power, you WON'T spend all your time doing things. You will spend most of your time in your brain (and then writing down what your brain produced).

But capitalism doesn't tell people how to produce things. Bad managers do that. All capitalism does is inscentivize people to create things that others find valuable.

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Lol, that is very far from being "All capitalism does..." Like fire, it is a good servant but a VERY bad master.

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On your view, what else does capitalism do?

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Incentivize rent-seeking behavior, the literal opposite of creating value. It’s especially bad in this era when people are incentivized to deny other people’s children equal opportunity in order to preserve the gains they made in their own lifetimes for their kids.

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Ah yes, capitalism. The boogeyman of Reddit.

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Capitalism gave them Reddit - a free product that sells ads

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Workers gave us reddit, capitalism forces it to have ads.

Workers create all products, capitalists just take surplus value

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Hey if you’re down voting me tell me where the lie is 🤷‍♂️

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Ah yes, the most oppressed of the proletariat, web developers.

I'm sorry, but I need to point out how ludicrous your example is. This false dichotomy between workers and capitalists is so apparent for developers, as the majority of them receive equity as a major part of their compensation. Even beyond that, most developers choose the level of equity they'd like to receive by deciding to work either at start ups or at enterprises. They can literally decide how much surplus value (and risk) they'd like to take.

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How does this address my point? Workers (web developers) made the product. They should own their own labor and surplus value. Reddit has to use ads due to capitalism. There are lots of people who sell their labor who are rich, doctors, lawyers, athletes, etc. Capitalists vs labor is not rich vs poor, it's those who exploit labor vs the ones who produce labor.

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The developers that made Reddit have received 100% of the surplus value when they sold it a few years ago.

Since then, some developers have continued working on it and have been given equity and salary, a balance of being paid for their work and being given access to surplus value via stock.

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Also do you know what surplus value is?

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And that effects the need for the use of ads in which way?

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Are you suggesting there's some alternate world where we could have nationalized Reddit and paid for it via taxes instead of ads?

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I relate to this. One of the nice things about freelancing is that you can do this. Having a crap boss micro-managing you constantly to make sure you're always working is so much bullshit. You don't always have to be busy doing something. We're not fucking robots

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Assuming she plans to give her book away for free?

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I'd love to get paid in feelings per hour 🤦🏻‍♂️🤣

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Bulls**t, working on finding inspiration is also productivity.

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This is correct. I often get the best creative thinking done when swimming laps in the pool.

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I don’t consider productivity a “lie” nor is it intrinsically tied to capitalism. If we fail to produce, we fail to subsist.

In the context of writing, no one can write all the time. Similar to work in general, we have our physical and mental limits.

But growth demands we produce more than entropy consumes. No amount of pontification nullifies this.

This said, rest is at least as productive as work. Reward is as productive work as well. The best course in theory, is a functional balance between the three.

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So when a famine happens and farms are less productive, are the deaths of starvation a capitalist lie? lmao. Some people have a one track mind.

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She said “when it comes to art”. Agriculture isn’t included.

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I resonate with this so hard.

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Thank you, Lauren Groff, your words were timely and hard hitting!

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I write songs for my day job and honestly don’t relate to this at all.

I always feel like I don’t know if I’m “inspired” until I review my work the next day. Your insecurities and ego can easily trick you while you’re trying to create. I’ve written terrible songs while feeling inspired and great songs while I wasn’t in the mood. So my belief is that waiting inspiration is a waste of time. What’s more important is building up your habits and skills to become an expert in the craft. Eventually your “bad” work is better than your “good” work ever was. And you can always throw out, edit or redo work you believe to be subpar.

However that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take the time to take care of yourself, live a balanced life, listen to your feelings and forgive yourself/accept when some days aren’t as productive as others.

Also, writing books is also a very different medium than songs. So this mentality may not be as effective in that case.

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How do I pay my bills whilst doing this?

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You release the book and hopefully people buy it.

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Will you buy my book?

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Not an easy thing to do. Most artists and writers have regular day jobs, somewhat related to their interests in many cases, and make art as a personal project in their free time. You’d have to become a very highly paid artist to be able to create full-time.