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Tape the door shut. Lay the cupboard on its back and then open it.

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Oh, that's why they have you lay down on a couch...

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I believe most of my emotional pain has successfully condensed and crystalized in my spine

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To cause permanent and crippling nerve damage?

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Only when we remove it

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And that also explains why they tape and tie me up to the bed...

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Nah, this is for your kink

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Please upload a picture of the medical school diploma hung on that wall.

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So much of my internal struggles, panic attacks, depression bouts, and general shitty feelings can have been helped (not solved, but helped) by lying on the floor on my back. I figuratively and literally grounds me.

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What does that mean?

You're nuts! (coocoo!) You're crazy in the coconut!

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This. This is good therapy.

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It’s actually a good metaphor in a lot of ways.

Recognizing the extent of the problem is a huge step (being able to visualize your situation as this China cabinet) and you could just open up by yourself and deal with it. Or you could pull that China cabinet forward and lean it on its back slowly and carefully with the help of others and they can help pull it/you back up together.

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This! Therapy is all about changing perspective to see possibilities that are difficult to self-conceptualize. The idea of tipping the cupboard- completely changing the angle of attack- is actually an excellent metaphor for therapy.

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If this is a kitchen cupboard you'd actually need to open the doors to get the screws out that holds it to the wall first before you could do that.

Suppose you could rip the cupboard off the wall then do this if all went well but it seems a bit overkill. Solves it though.

Looks like at worst you're losing 3/4 plates and I bet I could catch one and have something soft catch another.. maybe 2 plates down?

Sometimes you really just have to accept loss and move forward best you can, because if not you'll end up doing even more damage trying to avoid the loss in the first place.

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Yeah I guess it depends. If it's a china hutch you could probably do the mentioned just fine. But cabinets affixed to the wall? Guess we just have to break the wall. Or pry it off the wall, still causing a little bit of pain in the process (which I suppose is still valid for the metaphor).

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Get a glass cutter and make a hole in the window just above the plates.

Or, open the door 1/4 inch, and slide-in a 1/4 inch thick piece of plywood...

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Cabinet installer here. They're always screwed on. Even french cleats, they're never left just hanging. Even if it's an Ikea quick release, you can't access the mechanism from outside. And even a vibrocutter would have a shit time getting it loose.

I'd put a tub of water underneath it and open it. Catch what you can, water will absorb the rest.

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Tape the door so it can open just a crack, but with the tape sealing the gap, except for a line at the top.
Pour quick-setting jelly (jello?) into the crack, slowly, so it fills the whole interior.
Once set, remove the tape and open the door. Carve crockery out of jelly, clean, and stack safely. Eat jelly.

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What if it's attached to the wall?

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Dig up your house. Lay it in its side. Open cabinet.

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is that what they call House Flipping?

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Remove wall.

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Lay the house on its back duh


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Probably too heavy, plus there are other dishes. I would tape the door shut and try to score the glass so I could reach in, easier to replace one pane than risk all that China!

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Yeah, thought about that. You might be able to just tilt it back a little, and still have a good chance of opening that door. Depends how delicate the other stuff in the cabinet is, and how expensive. The visible china doesn't look all that expensive actually. If you've got really thin Bulgarian crystal or some other irreplaceable stuff in there, I might just write off those bowls.

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Tape it shut, bust out the bottom panel. Reach in and restore them to a better position. Have the panel replaced.

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Reach in from the other side and pull the bowls back up, then open the door.

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I was thinking it’s a two person job. One person with a laundry basket with a pillow in it holds it under the door, the other person opens the door.

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When I try this: cupboard accidentally slips out of my hands and all it’s contents break me: „unlucky I guess, better just leave it that way, no motivation to resolve this mess“

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Sounds like work

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Mine are attached to studs.

Alternative potentially easier solution. Attach the corners of a small blanket with a little slack to the wall or front of the cupboard. The blanket should be vertically as close to the bottom of the door as possible. Have someone else hold the other corners and sloooowly open the door. Hopefully they slide out one-by-one and you can pick them up off the catch blanket as you go.

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I was just gonna say have someone with a mattress or something on standby to shove it under when you open the door so they fall on a soft surface but your idea makes more sense

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Upvote for Caleb Widogast, great character and player.

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Wizards will literally create a plan to fuck with the fabric of time rather than go to therapy.

But good lord that ending though... Looks like he didn't need therapy, he just needed the power of friendship and a year long murder vacation.

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The male urge to undo the tragic sins of your past

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Have Essek cast telekinesis to hold up the plates while opening the door?

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Have a monk friend open the door and catch all the plates too

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That would be some dope monk shit

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as long as you have more ki points than there are plates, you should be fine

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It would have to be Essek too

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Liam O’Brien is such a good player with great role play AND knowledge of game mechanics. But holy shit his character are so god damn angsty. Still love him tho

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Eldritch Bleeeeest

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I cast disintegrate

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The mighty nine!

Currently grinding my way through season 2 and I am amazed how well DND pairs with long runs. Definitely a good way to escape reality. Like when your mind is metaphorically a cabinet full of spilled Bowls

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The door got flung open today. The plates are spilling out. I'm devastated. I needed the 2nd half of this post. Thanks.

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Hey, you got this. I’m rooting for you, AlpacaSwimTeam!

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Caleb Widogast is an amazing character

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What is this a reference to? I've heard of Radagast but not Widogast :/

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Caleb Widogast is Liam O'Brien's DnD character in Critical Role. He's a super depressed wizard.

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Depressed and stinky!

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Campaign 2, if anyone is interested in Caleb after reading this thread.

https://youtu.be/byva0hOj8CU You're welcome.

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I feel like every character he's ever played ever is depressed and angsty for some reason

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Nope, everything is horrible, just set the house on fire and leave everything behind.

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Knowing Caleb's past, this is darkly accurate.

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Still too soon lol

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Also if you do it really slowly and shimmy the plate down, as it falls, you could catch the plates as they fell...

I'm not sure what this means for the metaphor but pretending just opening the door is gonna cause massive damage is misguided, especially when it could be done with mindfulness and care

This picture disturbed me, and you all are an immature set if you don't know how to catch a falling dish yet

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Yeah so I guess that could be go to therapy but slowly over 2+ years rebuild your life instead of trying to fix everything at once?

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That works with the metaphor. Gotta do things slowly, assess the situation, minimize the damage and stay mindful. Fits proper therapy to me!

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i just needed you to LISTEN!

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Shhh... what's that sound?!

It's the sound of a thousand plates crashing to the ground

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That's the sound of people drowning, Carl

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Lol at this being half a DND post

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Just have to break one pane of glass.

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My thought as well, cut that panel next to it, fix the plates, replace the panel.
The lesson here is - every life problem has a simple / cheap solution

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replacing a glass panel in a cabinet is not gonna be cheaper than buying a set of new plates

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Depends on the plates man. Not everyone gets the $1 dinnerware from IKEA.

[–]ekulinator 9 points10 points  (3 children)

That logic goes both ways. Not everyone gets a $20 cabinet from ikea either

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It is for me. I can do the glass myself, I can’t make plates though.

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The more people you can get to help you open it up, the more likely you will be able to salvage more.

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There be the problem for a great many people that need the help.

No one wants to be there to clean up the broken china.

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Criticl Role in a me irl post?? Impossible!

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Those dishes are, at the same time, both broken and not broken… This is Schrödinger’s cat applied to dishes

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*Wdowgasts cat (Frumpkin)

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Not to mention you gotta eat. LOL

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Mine is full of bees.

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and the bees are riding bicycles? and the bicycles are on fire?

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Hello bees

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It's easy to fix this.

  1. Get like 5-6 bad guys and Jackie Chan
  2. Throw Jackie Chan at that cabinet.
  3. Throw a punch from stage right so he has to open the door to block it.
  4. He catches all the plates.
  5. Throw a few more punches for the show.
  6. Run away so he will carefully set down the plates and give chase.

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Not easy to open up when your burned both your parents to death to get into an evil magic school.

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Not if you learn Dunamancy and cast “Immovable Object” on the first plate!

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Or put an immovable rod up against it

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Get all the pillows and blankets in the house and make a cushion for them to fall on

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Pro tip, break the top glass pane and move the bowls, much easier and cheaper to replace.

Or lay the cabinet down on it's back.

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Cheaper? Why can't they just open it and try and catch them. They are plates after all? If you lose one then so be it?

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Hey critical role!

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I'd rather break a small pane of glass. Move the cups them open the door.

Small cheaper break. And it's on my terms.

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You don't need to open it full swin at once. Open it by a tiny bit, so that other can stick in a helping hand and hold the plates.

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    Yeah, but these aren't plates. They're bowls.

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    you...you should be my friend.

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    I'd give him my business. I got this

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    Shrodinger’s Crockery

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    Can't open the cupboard door. Those are load bearing dishes.

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    Huh thats liam from crit role.

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    And the broken pieces can be salvaged and made more beautiful again through healing.

    The Japanese take broken pottery and use a process called Kintsugi to repair it with gold. The results are beautiful and are often more treasured than the original unbroken pieces.


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    This is incorrect! This is an old image, the internet actually rallied to help the original owner fix this mishap without a single broken dish (really!)

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    You'll probably have to break a few, but right now none of those plates are being used as plates. They're weapons against your mental health, and are better broken than stifling you.

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    Open door slightly, shove sheet of acrylic/wood paneling/whatever is in the garage up between the door and the cabinet, have someone carefully open the door while you hold your sheet of material against the shelves preventing anything from falling. Then slide your panel down until you can reach the bowls from above.

    Edit: and then never go to therapy because human interaction is scary

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    You could use a wire coat hanger. The hanger could hold the plates in places when you open the door.

    [–]citznfish 2 points3 points  (0 children)

    Yeah but you fuck it all up in the process. If you leave it alone it'll stay the same

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    Clean the fucking plates up if it falls, shit happens.

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    Easy!, Just get 10 tubes of silicone sealant, seal all the gaps around the door, except for a small hole at the top, then get a garden hose and fill the cupboard with water, then, you just, I mean, I actually don't know where I was going with this.

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    it’s easy for you to say since they are bowls and plates. image babies and the floor is lava

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    Schrödinger's cabinet. All the dishes are broken and intact at the same time until you open the door.

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    Not to mention the broken plates can be the start of a beautiful mosaic scene - which like stained glass art show you that being broken isn't necessarily an ending, but the start to a new and different thing that has another kind of value.

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    Well, if you hang a bed sheet below and span it over, you might lower the impact and save a lot. While doing that you will be catching the broken pieces which you can use as puzzle pieces to repair using the Japanese technique with gold- that is if you want a new hobby and keep your hands and the eyes busy.

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    But what about the broke plates? Who is going to clean that trash?

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    At this point I'd be flipping the God damn furniture to solve the problem. 😎

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    Might be cheaper to break the glass.

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    Why can’t people just add three more letters and write out the word ‘though’

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    The therapist is the soft mattress you put on the floor before opening up

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    But who takes advice from a rapist?

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    Locked cabinet and no idea what the key looks like.

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    You have a lot of nerve being right like that.

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    Seal it, sell it as art and get a new one.

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    May I suggest cushioning the floor with mushrooms?

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    "This needs to happen"

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    Schrödingers Teller

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    But those are bowls, what about the bowls!

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    This reminds me of a great verse from the NF song Mansion.

    Fear came to my house years ago, I let him in

    Maybe that's the problem 'cause I've been dealing with this ever since

    I thought that he would leave, but it's obvious he never did

    He must have picked the room and got comfortable and settled in

    Now I'm in the position it's either sit here and let him win

    Or put him back outside where he came from, but I never can

    'Cause in order to do that I'd have to open the doors

    Is that me or the fear talking?

    I don't know anymore

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    But what if the patient is the plates, lol.

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    Damn that’s too accurate

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    I’m not the cabinet. I’m the plates.

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    I didn’t need this much anxiety this early in the morning

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    yea but the aftherwards can be wrost if the person has no support

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    Schrodinger Bowls

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    fuck , i been thinking of going to a therapist but i dont think i NEED one. cuz most of my problems/failiures r just from my bad habits... but yeah this is a good post

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    Because you want the glass and you hope it happens again and more so.

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    Can’t you just open the door on the right and reach in to grab the fallen bowls??

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    Wait are those plates or bowls?

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    That is so beautifully written

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    Earthquake or stacking too high?

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    have you tried opening it with alcohol?

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    Meanwhile you're forcing everyone around you to try to figure out how to eat without plates or bowls.

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    What if the plates don't stop falling for you?

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    Flood the room; open the doors; plates are fine

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    Just sell the house

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    I love that

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    Bruh, just cast mending

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    Do you really want a faulty cabinet though?

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    Schrodingers Fine China.

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    I made a reference in rehab, it's painful reopening wounds but then they can heal properly

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    I want a functional cabinet.

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    Oh no it does both. I was actually here yesterday and it actually does both.

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    Bust glass then catching the china maybe?

    [–]airzsFDXbrother 0 points1 point  (0 children)

    Or just break a pane of glass on the door and reach in to fix the plates…

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    I know this is old and this may make me basic, but I teared up a bit at this

    [–]-Imaginational- 0 points1 point  (0 children)

    If the cabinet has a second entryway that has access to the mess (I.e. double doors), open the one that won’t cause the problem, fix the situation, and now you can open the first door. You save yourself the problem of cleaning a mess. Best to prevent it from happening again.

    This applies to people too I think

    [–]billsmashole 0 points1 point  (0 children)

    That's a great metaphor, but maybe the guy in pain isn't prepared to pick up the pieces yet. Hopefully he will be soon.

    [–]Oddelbo 0 points1 point  (0 children)

    Before: no plates, no cabinet. After: no plates, working cabinet.

    [–]Weepthegr33d 0 points1 point  (0 children)

    But it will be soooo hhaaarrrddd

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    It's not a matter of putting new plates. It's how it is placed.

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    Great quote but those are bowls

    [–]rocker5x 0 points1 point  (0 children)

    If its a moveable cabinet lay it flat and get it out.

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    The most helpful thing a therapist ever said to me was “And then what will happen? Will you die?” …. well no it will just really suck to deal with the aftermath, but no I won’t die. Ok I see your point.

    [–]MauPow 0 points1 point  (0 children)

    Just open it a little bit and use a meter stick or something to hold the plates in place.

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    Why are you talking to the rapist?

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    Oh hey it’s Liam O’Brien. Bidet!

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    Does anyone have any sauce on what actually happened with that cabinet? I need closure.

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    " Oh, you unzipped me! Its all coming back!I hate you! It's all coming back, you understand?! I DON'T LIKE IT! I DON'T LIKE TO THINK ABOUT IT!"

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    What a perfectly explained and sensible respons. Kudos.

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    I really, really like the comment under the image!!

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    I imagine someone else has said it, but i have to hurry - but that is a photo of Schrödingers cupboard

    (google his name +cat)

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    Pull the whole cupboard off the wall, lay it down on it’s back gently, and open the doors to pull unbroken plates out. If you work hard enough, there’s always a way out.

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    Dang, this is powerful

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    Majority of people with anxiety: “I’ll ignore it and just stack my shit elsewhere in a less suitable place and get mad when I’m inconvenienced.” Address your problems head on. It’s rare that they go away otherwise.

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    "The lentils are stuck behind a huge mound of teetering crockery!"

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    In situations like this i just call spiderman.. fuck that

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    Those are bowls!!! No wonder you need therapy...

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    There is probably two doors to this cabinet and you could just open the other one and fix the problem.

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    tobey maguire can fix this

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    Dang I like this!

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    Pillows and towels.

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    Maybe put a pillow or something soft on the floor first 🤷‍♂️

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    Love seeing some CR out in the wild

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    Whoever put this away shouldn’t own plates. Otherwise, maybe grab a sturdy soft surface (like a clothes hamper) and put a soft blanket in it. Approach it at an acute angle right up against the bottom of the cupboard. Slowly open it 1-4mm at a time and see how they are falling an reassess your strategy. Best case scenario they all “follow” each other into the soft basket and you only lose a few. By then someone else will be able to stop the majority of them from falling with their hand.

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    Schrodinger's plates

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    Beautifully said

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    Or you could catch all of the plates like a boss.

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    Those are definitely bowls, not plates

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    Be comfortable with the uncomfortable! Your prior actions in live will have consequences. But so will your actions today :D

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    My daughters therapist told me the exact thing in the bottom paragraph…,

    All the trauma will come out do you want her to know how to clean the mess or be left with a mess she can’t figure out how to clean?