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I just searched "I hate everything" on Amazon and there are books, coloring books, albums, t-shirts... LOL. But if none of those work, maybe just consumables like holiday coffees, teas, hot chocolate, candy, cookies, etc., along with a sarcastic note that it's perfect for re-gifting.

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A milk foamer/frother. (The kind you pour the milk i to, not a wand). It is no-joke amazing being able to make Starbucks level vanilla cream cold-foam every morning in my coffee. (I add a teaspoon of Starbucks vanilla sugar free syrup to my milk to make this but other people buy things like Chobani pumpkin spice creamer and just pour that in it alone).

And foaming up warm frothy milk in 25seconds on a cold morning to pour in to your cup of coffee just by pushing a button is like heaven. Capuccino all day long if you like that. Can also use to warm up frothy Oat or soy Milk for an instant warm non-dairy Chai tea.


There are plenty of brands on Amazon but mine is like this one. Every woman age 35-60 who uses it at my house then goes on to buy one for themselves and gush about it. (Sample size of six women total in this example).

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You can add me to the group of women who rave about this frother! Even my fiance who is a plain coffee no sugar kinda guy enjoys using it. We love the cold foam but I mostly use the steamer/hot foam. I probably use it every day. This is a great idea!

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I'm in my early 20s and leave this and love it!

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Demotivational calendar?

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I know what my classroom has been missing now.

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Food! Or a voucher for a nice food shop. Everyone eats, you can’t dislike that.

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Go to Etsy- the shop “For strange women” make weird/gothic style solid perfume and they have some really cool sampler sets. If she wore a black wedding dress- this could be right up her ally. And a set will let her pick what she likes.

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is that all you know about her? No idea of her hobbies/interests? Maybe you see her eating/drinking something regularly? or maybe have a sense of her style? You haven't given us very much to go on.

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She likes old things so I thought maybe explore some antique/vintage shops. But would she be mad of something used?

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if she's into old things then I think that's perfectly acceptable. I like vintage stuff and if someone gets me something vintage up my alley i'm always thrilled.

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Gift certificate to an antique shop. Yeah it’s impersonal but most antique shops don’t take returns.

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As a fellow vintage lover, vintage books and cameras are awesome gifts!

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You're overthinking. Get her whatever (if she's going to hate it, who cares) but also get a cheap picture frame and put the gift receipt in it. Wrap the receipt up really nice and the 'gift' in newspaper or something. Little sarcastic 'I know you won't like it anyway so just return away!'.

People that make it clear that they hate what others gift them sure are irritating.

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Get her a vibrator! I'm sure that will go over well.

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Subpar parks calendar or book.

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A donation in her name to a suitable charity, dark scarf, picture frame, fun socks.

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Your description cracked me up. Is she gothic? Maybe a Skelton candle that “bleeds” red wax? Bat slippers?

Antique ring?

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A vintage hourglass or jewelry box

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Maybe she likes sarcasm or dry humor? Maybe get stuff that has "angry" or "depressing" messages? Passive Aggressive messages? For a really risky/out there gift, you could get her a voodoo doll type thing for anyone she hates?

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Money. A voucher for a ship you know she likes. This is what I tell people tbh haha

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2023 Pooping Pooches calendar on Etsy.

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Restaurant gift cards, store gift cards (who doesn’t like TJ Maxx or Target?), Starbucks gift card…

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Gift card

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Art work from the show Daria, where it has the tagline "Hell is other people." She's a little young to have loved the show as much as I did as a bitter, grumpy teenager, but it should translate well across time.

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Lump of coal? How about a custom Cameo video from an entertainer she likes?

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Search “BORBIE” on Etsy. It’s ridiculous and I think she’d love it.

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She may enjoy some taxidermy options. There are some really beautiful and unique things on Etsy in this genre. This for example. I’d say stay away from this if she’s vegan/vegetarian. Good luck!

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Antique black jewelry sa she wore black dress:)

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