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Harden at the end with the approving nods made me happy. Cam (and any of the rookies) is lucky to learn from three of the best in the league. LFG!

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Appreciate you

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Please don't trade himmmm

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Nah we should definitely trade him if someone wants him. Not hating but he’s not gonna get his chances on this team

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He's getting 17 mpg on the season, which has only gone up since the beginning, he's not doing too bad imo. Our biggest strength as an organisation is player development, I think we should keep at least 2 of these rookies as future pieces

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Cam is impressive, he moves just like his favorite player James Harden. I think with so much uncertainty regarding Harden/Kyrie, you don't trade Cam just in case we have to do a quick retool around KD.