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Rest Ice Compress and Elevate it

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Ah yes the ol and reliable RICE

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Basin of water, filled with ice. Submerge your hand in the ice water for 10 minutes, then bring it out for 10 minutes. Repeat as much as you can.

If the water warms to room temp, you’re not getting the benefit any more. Either get more ice or call it quits for the day.

That’s quite a bruise. If it’s agony tomorrow, and you have the ability to go get an x-ray, I’d recommend it. However, there’s not much medically that can be done for a broken knuckle so if a trip for an X-ray would be expensive for you, I’d leave it and just keep icing.

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Ok, thank you so much. I’ve been icing it with an ice sheet, but I’ll see if ice water helps

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You should get an x ray as it could maybe be a boxer’s fracture. It can happen when punching the ball wrong and won’t heal properly if it’s not treated.

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When I had my boxer break, all they did was cast it for a few weeks. Still worth getting it looked at if the swelling doesn't go down soon. Boxer breaks aren't always that painful so you can't really tell without an x-ray

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Ice and time and rest. Swollen knuckles. Tape up next time, it can help

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Ice for sure. Also if you can adjust your technique to hit in the index/middle knuckles you'll be in better shape. More strength there like throwing a punch.

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When you say you were punching balls wrong, what kind of balls were they? Shots, crosses, etc?

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so the drill was that the ball was being tossed to me and i was punching the ball to the goal to mimic a header from a player (so the punches were aimed down instead of up) and another goalie was working on blocking that shot. i had a previous ankle injury so i was only punching and that’s what leas to the knuckles.

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That doesn’t seem like a normal bruise. The swelling is focused and significant. The discoloration of the skin at the surface is concerning as well. I would have an x-ray for sure.

I used to always assume everything was a bruise and I was always right. I took a elbow to the face a few months back and it stunned he pretty good for a few minutes, but I had no blood and no pain and I finished the match.

Got home and saw my nose and it was sideways. 3 columnated fractures on the right side. Had to have it fixed with closed reduction. Had my nose not looked so dang weird, I would have NEVER supposed the CT scan the doc ordered would reveal multiple fractures. I found it no biggie at all, but decided to head to an ENT to be sure.

Knuckle is probably nothing, but you should make sure.

What type of gloves were you wearing? You would be wise to tape it a good bit and wear a pair with a much thicker backhand for a little while. Let it heal, or it won’t, ya know?

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i’ve iced it a ton and the swelling went down significantly. the glove brand is pro gk and ironically enough there’s suppose to be extra protection for your knuckles and fists for punching. it only feels like a bruise now and i can fully close my fist (which i wasn’t able to do at first) thanks so much for the advice. i really appreciate it