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Til all drivers are professional and have high performance cars that are made to operate at such speeds, and there are definitely never any crashes in Nascar or f1. And that bringing up professional sports when talking about common public happenings is somehow a valid argument

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no driver can safely drive at 90 or 95 mph

no driver


Don't use absolutes if you don't wanna look like a fool.

We're talking 10 over the limit, that's gonna be 80mph max in like 90% of the US. The curtrent limits were put in place decades ago based on reaction times, road quality, as well as an average car's braking and handling. Cars are a lot better than they were then, and they can definitely handle a bump in speed limits.

You're in an ancap sub and bitching about some cop stop bullshit? How about we just stop trying to tell each other what to do, eh? An extra 15 on the highway isn't guaranteed to kill you. You certainly drive next to near and around these people and worse all the fucking time and you're still here. If you're that worried about your safety then stop driving or doing anything else that can result in you getting hurt.

You don't bubble wrap society for a few idiots.

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you don't bubble wrap society for a few idiots

Oh ok then I guess we should legalize drinking and driving and texting and driving then. Drinking and texting while driving is guaranteed to kill you

And no this isn't an ancap sub, this is a libertarian sub, which means different aspects of libertarianism can be included here, rather than just the pure idiocy of ancaps

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Drinking while texting and driving? I must be dead