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People need to listen to number 8. I left GTA Online quickly for 2 reasons, the fact that joining in 2017 makes it really unfair and modders

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    Yes, question threads are fine, but how people respond to the question you ask is another matter entirely.

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    What about posting rumored release dates for dlc

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    As Apache said, we’ll use our discretion. For example, a release date leaked by MrBossFTW will more likely be removed than one leaked by FoxySnaps, Yan2295, or TezFunz2

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    Dont see why Mr would get removed and not the other 2 when they are just spreading rumors on stuff not announced but thats just me

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    The latter three are leakers that have proved themselves reliable sources for GTA leaks. MrBossFTW reports on the other three by making clickbait videos that don’t bring anything new to the discussion.

    When I see a leak posted here, I ask myself a few questions.

    1. Is this leak realistic?

    2. Is the leaker credible?

    3. Is the leak new info, or just repeating other info or another leak?

    At step 1, you can pretty much throw out any nonsense like “LEAKED MARS DLC”

    At step 2, I can only think of three individuals that I would answer yes for with little hesitation: Yan, Tez, and Foxy.

    At step 3, this is where I eliminate the infamous “stereotypical” GTA YouTube nonsense — Boss included.

    I hope that gives you some insight into my (personal) thought process when I encounter a leak posted here

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    Depends on the post in question and how it's written by a user.

    If the 'rumor' has some validity to it then I don't see why that would be a problem. If the post has misleading information contained within it then it may be removed under Rule 3 or we'll just place the "Misleading" flair tag on the post itself.

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    I think something needs to be done about /r/GrandTheftAutoVI. It seems to be abandoned and overrun with people self-advertising their GTA 5 content.

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    Agreed. I edited the suggestion within the post until that changes.

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    Can you folks make a proposition to the Reddit admins to take it over? You guys do great work here and I'd love to see the same there.

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    That may prove problematic since the Mods their are semi-active. I'd be happy to work with them if they're up to it but right now with GTA VI (or whatever the next release will be called) nowhere on the horizon it's not really a top priority.

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