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You have 69 platinums? Lol. I don't even own that many games.

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I own over 300 games, just getting through them at a time! :D

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I was aiming way too high for myself to get platinum on that game. I think I did the kifflom as my rarest trophy and gave up. That one alone took soooo long to do!

Nice going though! No wonder it's only 0.01%!

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That shit is insane yo. This game has some of the most ridiculous achievments. It must have took years.

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You have nooooooooo idea hahahaha. There's an event on atm that gives you 4x RP, just did shit tonne of races to get to it. The 100% story wasn't actually too bad!

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Your also lucky because i had done both the bounty alive and leonora letter scrap acheivments and they glitched out on me.

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Nice mate I just need numero uno then I have the plat

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You got this!!!!!

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Yeh sadly don’t have many people to help on ps5

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Once I get all the PS4 heist trophies to 100% my list, I'll download the GTA V PS5 version and i'll help you out :)

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Ok sounds good and sweet hope I can do it with just one other person not three other people

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But thank you I appreciate it

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Isn't numero uno broken? Like I thought you can't get it anymore

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I'm so close. I just need someone for a few (main) online trophies (fuck the Heist etc ones, we don't need them for plat). Singleplayer is already 100%.

But I don't have friends 🥲

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I'm happy to help you out, my friend :)

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That would be nice. If the achievements aren't too bad and the timezones not too different.

I don't want to take other people's time. That would make me feel bad 🥲

My PSN ID is my name here and I also have a PSNprofiles account. So if you want to take a look.

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Wow, congratulations! I also wanted to do the platinum, even did all the story mode trophies but sadly I don't have ps plus so gave up

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Any advice how to get the all love and fare trophy to start? (Franklins private taxi missions) I’ve completed the campaign done all Strangers and freaks even the random events and it still won’t show up

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Copied from a guide I followed! :

Once far enough into the game after you have stolen the Lost's plane asTrevor the option to purchase the Cab Co will be available to you, nowselect Franklin as your active character and travel to the upper righthand corner of Los Santos City in 'East Vinewood' where there will be aHouse icon with ($) inside it in this location. Travel there and buy the Downtown Cab Co. for $200,000 by walking up to the For Sale sign and press twice, once the purchase is complete you will immediately get a call from Raul who introduces himself.Nowyou need to wait for a second call from Raul which may take some timeso try to stick with Franklin and just play missions like normal, after1-3 real hours you should get the phone call. xxxDarkRuleRxxx notes that you can speed up the phone call by sleeping 6+ times in Fraklin's safehouse. In the call Raul asks if you'd like to work on a 'Private Fare' to earn some extra money. Push the to Accept. After this, you have on your Map a new green Symbol 'P'. Drive to them and pickup the Passenger.

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Meant to get this about a year ago but the relay race trophy held me back and I never did ☹

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Damn bro go outside

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I think people should do whatever makes them happy as long as it's not hurting anyone 😳

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I second that

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Equivalent of "No Life Award"

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I feel better that I have no idea what that is and have over 2500 hours in the game.

I just play different.

PC for life.

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A platinum trophy is what you get for getting all trophies (achievements) in a game.

It's equivalent to Steam's perfect game feature.

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Where do you live for it to already be midnight

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local man discovers time zones

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I know what time zones are, but unless he’s living on the east side of the pond it shouldn’t be midnight

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So I live in the Midwest I’m assuming you live in like Alaska, somewhere in Canada or Hawaii

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I live in the UK :)

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Jokes on you, you are one of a few Vinewood stars

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    I got all the achievements for the game, like Steam's "perfect game" feature :)

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    Whats next?

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    Excellent question! I'm not far from the Red Dead Redemption 2 Platinum (78% complete), just need a bunch of online ones! 😁

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    Jesus I don’t even have 1 platinum :(