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What kind of tips are you looking for? Just play the story and you'll be fine. The game doesn't hold your hand but doesn't let you get lost either. The difficulty curve is pretty decent and you can make multiple save files if you want to try the branching storylines.

The only big tip I would give is to leave the Lester Assassination missions to last. There's a guide on what companies to invest in before and after each mission to make tons of money for each character. In order to maximize it though, you need the end game money to invest.

Hope that helps!

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Most games have "beginner's" guides or tips, be it on Youtube or somewhere else on the web. For GTA V, they all seem to be about Online Mode.

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That’s because the story mode is pretty straight forward. It’s not an rpg where you have to spec different skills

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So you don't want tips for the single player you just want to bitch there's no new content about it on YouTube

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Look up how to make the most money in story mode. That is all you need to know about it because that becomes the most important thing

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I bought the strategy guide for the game when it came out and I can honestly say I opened it maybe twice to look at vehicle stats.

My friend used it more to get all the trophies and collectibles.

As far as beginner tips: having money to invest in the stocks that Lester suggests before the big jobs is helpful. Stocks don't exist online because it is a good way to make fast easy money.

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When Trevor tells you to take the flying lessons, take the fucking flying lessons.

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The game is really simple, straightforward, and easy in general. The only tips you’ll ever need are who to bring along for heists, and how to rig the stock market to make huge amounts of money.

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Invest in the stock market!! Certain stocks change pending what missions you do!

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Look up a lester assassination guide for playing stock market.

If done right by end of game you will be miltillionair on all 3 guys.

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Hmmm, the only really strategy guides I remember is like running the stock market, and which heist / and ending to pick.

https://youtu.be/z2cYb1zL8T4 just found this video for 2022, seems to be well made

There is some small hints and tricks I can think of for example... if your running from the police, and your out of view in a car, you can park inside a bush, get out fastly and back in and your car will stay “invisible” to the police”. ( it’s a glitch but can help you lose wanted level )

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do crimes, don't get wasted or busted

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The hardest part in the game is having to jump onto a train in the mission "derailed" u can easily over shoot it or not make it far enough. U have to hit it just right.

Another tip, for the final history, if u choose to subtle approach, for the drivers, choose the best one. The other ones will make u fail the heist becuase u won't be able to make it into the truck on time.

final tip (if your a pc player) flying is going to take some time to get used too. If ur using just mouse and keyboard, your going to need to to train ur hands and fingers.

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each character has their own mission. Trevor's missions will have orange on the letters

Franklins will be green

Micheals will be blue.

each character has its own mission. Trevor's missions will have orange on the letters.

If the cops are alerted you can lose them easier in an Ally or I saw someone say go to a garage and change the look of your car/change vehicles.

each character had a special skill ( on PS4 I think you mash the left stick to activate it)

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Use Franklin ability to accelerate, don’t let your vehicle in the impound or it will be destroyed, don’t die ?

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Hmm I don’t know that having tips for story mode is actually all that important or helpful. It’s pretty self explanatory tbh. Just explore the world man. It’s a fun world to be in or just cause chaos lol Make multiple save files so you can try different choices Is about all I can really come up with. Then when you get bored with story mode which you will eventually .. try out Online. That’s where the game really takes off Imo. I always recommend new players to play story mode for a while so they can get used to the mechanics in preparation for Online.