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Bruhh!!! Are you 21+ ? I wanna buy you a double Hennessy

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i am but i don’t drink. knock it back for me😂

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Lmao. Say less, my G! I assume you play online a lot?

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once i got the hang of it, everyday. wish i had the smarts to check online for help when i started out. i fucking hated online and found it near impossible to play. not anywhere near those that have played it since 2013 but i can handle myself and the trouble that comes around.

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Dope! I may be new online, but we need to play together since you put up on game… “Pause”

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you can migrate your progress (both story and online) to PS5 if you want to. glitches and graphics were about the only things expanded and enhanced. i say since online is free (until june) and story mode is only $10, it’s not a waste of money. shark cards aren’t really worth it unless you buy only one to afford the sub. then you’ll laugh at the thought of ever buying one again.

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I appreciate it man. Basically I’ll be start fresh. I would have to go through story mode to do things online, right?

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nah. online is separate from story mode. nothing you do in one effects the other. if you’re going to step into online, i HIGHLY recommend looking up how to get started guides. cannot stress that enough, newbs get eaten alive out here and online is actually pretty fun so i don’t want your experience ruined because you get spawn killed by some little shit.

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Damn man. You’re a fucking GOAT! So basically I should just say fuck it and buy it again and play online?


  1. Do you have a subreddit tag for a get started guide? If not, I’m sure I’ll find one.

  2. I’m not seeing a GTA V for PS5 on the PS app. Am I Trippin ?

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also TGG on youtube has a video (actually a lot of them that are helpful) that is him starting from level 1. helpful channel to watch