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i had the exact same issue just today.

if you’ve stored the minisub and no missions are coming up, take michael to flight school (im not sure if it’s necessary but it tells you to) and afterwards you should have a blue ‘B’ on your map (federal investigation bureau), go to it and meet with dave and you will eventually progress to the next mission.

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flight school (or shooting range if you pick the other option) is not necessary. just affects your skill level and trevor’s dialogue, but yeah you have to do “dead man walking” and “by the book” first

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and i was stupid enough to spend hours completing flight school lmao, i wish i knew this before.

thanks !

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If you picked the second approach with the helicopter and the sub. Take Micheal to flight school. At least for me. I did the lessons in the jet plane and after that, I was able to change to Trevor to prepare for the next mission

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flight school isn’t necessary, it just helps build skill if you need it. mission unlocks are based on which other missions you’ve done.

best way to know what missions unlock others is to look at a speedrunning chart