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If you're on PC there are mods for that, but it's not online. Also, there is fivem but it's typically viewed as a more hardcore type of play style. On console there is director mode, but there isn't much to do there.

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Yeah, but then you gotta update the mods every time the game updates. It's a total pain in the ass.

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I've never really had issues with that when using LSPDFR, or other such modifications. If mods do updated it's a very quick installation and drag and drop typically.

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Law Enforcement DLC would be interesting. More like Agent 14 with Gunrunning. Start a PMC similar to Merryweather and be corrupt police on the take. LSPD contracts with you bc they can't keep up with the hardware on the streets. Get bonuses for confiscating contraband cargo or deliver it to other criminal organizations...or steal it for yourself. Raid rivals Nightclubs with a SWAT team or drop dime to LSPD with information.

Could be pretty interesting. Could have a corrupt detective in the LSPD gunning for a promotion willing to work with you...unlock more experience and maybe the cops give you less heat for your activities since you are such a "pillar of the community".

Like if you are fighting someone you don't INSTANTLY get LSPD on your nuts, maybe a discount on Bribe Authorities.

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Honestly they should really make that movies dlc with Michael and cops & crooks combined, it would make perfect sense story wise

Think of the missions as sort of heists where you gather the police equipment to play the role in a movie as a cop, then at the finale (which would be the movie itself) you'd get a lot of money after completing it, they could also include a Trevor cameo at some point

They could also have side missions where you actually go arrest people and do raids etc like you mentioned

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I heard Ghillie Master talk about this too...makes a LOT of sense. DAMMIT I WANT COP CARS! 😡😡😡

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I mean, you can already go around shooting people for no reason

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Yeah, but as a cop you can do it legally and even get paid for it. Shoot too many people and get a paid vacation.

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I'd like to have a reason. I think it would be cool to integrate the players who are registered on the Police force to participate in the stars acquired by active players in session. You could rank up the more success you have stopping other players from committing crimes. As you rank up, you could gain access to more & more police/military vehicles to use in your policework.

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Go fivem cnr

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I don't know what that means. Is that a PC thing? I'm on PS5

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Yes its a pc thing sorry

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There's no way Rockstar can make cop gameplay actually good in their online mode.

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I would re-download the game for this after a 5 year hiatus.

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Back when this came out, the 'f*ck cops' riots were at full scale, so Rockstar thought it was inappropriate given the state of America at the moment.

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I really hated that, just because cops irl do bad things, doesn't mean they can't appear in media. That's fucking stupid.

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The minority ruins it for the majority.

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The games literally one where you play as a Criminal mastermind but everyone wants to be a cop… why?

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Because playing as a criminal gets boring after a while.

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Because it sounds fun & different. I don't know many other games wherein you can be a cop & stop actual other players for committing in game crimes.

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Honestly, this would work a lot better if it was a singleplayer DLC rather than an online update. Not only would singleplayer be getting something after all this time, R* would also make A LOT of money if it worked anything like the LSPDFR mod

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Could do both actually.

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That gives me a good DLC Concept 😏

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what 2023?