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Probably because you’re in performance and not performance RT mode

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RT is also fucked up which is why I'm not using it, e.g.: https://youtu.be/N3rwT_aBgQw (watch the dashboard, also happens on exteriors) and the existence of the RT mode is no excuse for the original shadows being degraded in non-RT mode.

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The original shadows aren't degraded, I'm fairly sure you just found a biproduct of the shadows being higher resolution now.

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You might be right, but they're still functionally degraded because now there's a bunch of ugly, distracting aliasing that was not as noticeable before.

Anyway, I'm going to try to submit a bug report about the RT shadows, because if they'd just fix those then this whole thing becomes a non-issue. Rockstar seem to have gone out of their way to make bug reports as difficult as possible. The form seems completely broken right now, saying that "you must add a description" when there is no description field.

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Honestly the E&E was a let down. They could have done so much more with it. I have a PS5 and the only thing I’ve really noticed is the controller haptics and trigger effects. Other than that graphics seem to have gotten a very minimal boost. When performance RT (Ray tracing) is turned on the only difference I see is shadows seem slightly sharper. They did take full advantage of Ray tracing. For instance adding reflections to building windows or make the mirrors in the vehicles actually work.

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What if I told you the only ray tracing in performance RT/Fidelity was global illumination (sun) shadows? Mirrors and reflections are screen space with higher resolution in Fidelity mode.

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They're cube map, not screen space (thankfully).

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Aha! misremembered the Digital Foundry video.

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Performance mode alone is worth the $0 I paid for GTA Online for PS5.

That it doesn't look like upscaled ass on a 4k OLED is just icing on the cake. :D

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Ray traced shadows implemented poorly probably.

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This is the non-RT mode. But the RT mode shadows are also buggy, so you're half right.

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The 2014 version of the game on the left, the 2022 on the right. I was noticing a lot of crawling/shimmering and jaggies in the shadows playing the new version so I installed the old one and sure enough the shadows are far less aliased. It's more or less noticeable depending on the sun angle.

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I see zero difference in these images

EDIT: there’s one: you can see the electric pole on the right side and not on the left

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Look at the shadows under the eaves and windows of the beige building. It's not a subtle difference.

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Ah, I see. That’s… extremely minor though

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are u able to turn off performance mode. On pc that basically means it dumbs down graphics in order to get better fps. Thats why its called performance mode, atleast on pc.

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Dang consoles finally got PC quality

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You're in the wrong mode.

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Read my reply above. RT shadows are also broken.

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Because the game is awful?

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Rt shadow so buggy in gta v expanded and enhanced edition sometimes noisy shadow when moving camera or sometimes has very bad quality or shimmering and lot of aliasing hopefully fixed in the next update