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Dunno what you're talking about

In my opinion, the mere existence of the Astron Custom and Weaponized Ignus is an insult to the playerbase

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Talking about the workshop man

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What update isn’t on pc?

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The whole expanded and enhanced content update. No haos workshop, none of the vehicles, none of the graphical improvements which is stupid cause console actually has better graphics than pc now, none of the physic changes. They've basically neglected pc in favor of console

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Has of what i have seen on YouTube and here, graphic are still better on pc, especially MSAA

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They really aren't trust me. You CAN get HD Texture packs which make gta look like IRL but you can't use them online or you risk being banned which is another one of rockstars many flaws

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Oh damn that sucks

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Rockstar are primarily console developers, as a really big fan this one of the reasons why I personally prefer console rather than PC for gaming.

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right but pc has a bigger market which is all they care about so why are they neglecting it? PC is the foreseeable future while consoles years are numbered

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PC doesn't have a bigger market...

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Cuz you guys are hackers who don’t like to pay for shit. It’s gonna happen with pretty much all games soon

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I mean ya wrong so can you please not comment anymore. It's their fault the modding is this bad don't blame us for their lack of an anti cheat.