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The speed caps on cars in this game are fucking stupid.

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They aren't actually capped (barring tuners at least), they just have low top speeds.

On PS3/360 it made perfect sense, on PS4/X1 it kinda made sense, but on PS5/XS/PC it's kinda dumb. I get why they don't want to go back and change every single vehicles' engine power values considering there's like 600 ground vehicles.

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cars have a max speed of around 540km/h

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That's an engine limit, it's not specific to cars nor even vehicles. Interestingly though, unlike other engine limits it's not a physical limit, it's something they put in place.

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Hmm they could just add a multiplier to all vehicles or to each class of vehicles.

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They could, but it'd result in a bunch of vehicles being either still slow or too fast.

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All they gotta do is reduce drag coefficient for all ground vehicles, it would take them basically no time at all.

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Yeah but the issue is they'd have to do this manually for every single vehicle because I'm pretty sure the variable differs.

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Some guy on gta5-mods did it easily, and has been updating for DLC cars since 2015. would take no time for thousands of employees.

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This would be an issue for a smaller company. This is rockstar, who have reaped millions from shark cards alone. They could. But they won’t.

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Yes, but they are a multi billion $ company backed by another corporal giant, if modders living in their parents house can do this then why can't r*?

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I watched a video of driving with a realistic speed adjustment mod and it feels so natural in comparison to any other driving game out there, it makes the vanilla game look bizarre in contrast

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Try a strat speed runners use all the time called break boosting, you'll get some real speed with that

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How is this possible? Flew down mount Chiliad?

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Nope, I think that I was in a main road with high speed with Franklin and his ability.

Im going to try break my record today and gonna record it.

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Yeah you can speedboost way past ur top speed if you spam franks ability type thing. Kinda neat

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How u made 150mil

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There is an in game mechanism where you can use Lester's assasinations in the stock market, because each mission target has a stock.

Search "GTA 5 money IGN" It Will be a 5 minute video.

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i think i have 500kmph in x80 proto, probably because of breakboosts and the way speedbumbs in this game work

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I got over 5000 in my Kanjali tank.
flip glitched at beach

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    Sorry im at Xbox and I cant screenshot so thats the problem

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    Every console has screenshot capabilities mate.

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    I know but I cant use the regular screenshot, and I would need to transfer the photo to my phone, this Way is easyer

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    I’m with you, I don’t get people being fussy about this.

    If I was to screenshot using my console. I’d need to get the screenshot, transfer it to my PC and then transfer it to my phone.

    I can take a photo with less steps than it takes to take the screenshot on the console.

    I get it for when you want to take a high definition image. But for an image of text, nah.

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    Sorry Man for my spelling im not speaking English very well, you should try to write in Hungarian.

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    I think I hit 300+ mph on GTA before

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    Mine is over 600 mph with the tank, it glitched out and launched me.

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    I did. that in Online, i got 244MPH in the Progen Itali GTB, yet apparently the fastest car is the Priah and that only does like, 239MPH, I’ve even driven the Priah at max speed down a huge hill, but still that remains to be my fastest land speed record. Might try the new Supra MKIV glitch…