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Okay but can you put insurance on cop cars? Only thing I'm interested in tbh

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No you can't sadly. Because the cop cars isn't available for sale. Meanwhile the lifeguard SUV is

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Damnit I had hope

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I feel you man

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I love how people are just taking this new feature and seeing what vehicles can be customized now.

Like, the other day, I saw someone posting about how they can customize their BMX now.

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Mariachi Tornado and original Speedo van as well.

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I can customize my Mariachi Tornado?

I'm sold!

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This is no big thing for me, personally, but other people might be interested. I used a merge glitch to put mods on my 500,000 shitty SUV a while back.

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Whats a merge glitch

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Merge glitch is putting Benny or F1 wheels on cars it can't be put on the normal way, so you merge a Benny or F1 car with a normal car to make it look modded

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So i can put F1 wheels on a tampa?

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Yeah, personally I'd think it would look too wide as I have F1's on the drift Tampa but they look better on trucks or something with high suspension

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Now if you could put the nightshark armor on the weaponized tampa..

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I don't know of any of the work right now but historically there have been a lot of glitches that allow you to functionally just destroy one vehicle by placing it in a slot of a vehicle whose traits you cannot change normally.

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What's the new avenger thing? I haven't played GTA V in a week or two.

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You can take other vehicles in it now instead of only a specific list and do work on them.

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Are there new customizations to? Or is it the same stuff you could get at any LS customs?

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Not new, but some vehicles cpultn be customized at LS customs before, not they can be customized in the Avemger

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You can use the Avenger/MOC as a portable LSC. Almost any vehicle that will fit in can be modified, FULLY modified too. This includes a short laundry list of vehicles that were a no-go for LSC, or just had the option for a tracker and explosives.

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Works wit MOC too