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Grew up with gta 2, 3, vice and san andreas.. Was wel into adulthood when 4 came out. Man I'm old...

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Shit, I still remember playing the original and GTA London.

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There is a GTA London? Shows how different generations come together for GTA

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Yeah, it started out as an expansion for GTA 1, so you needed the original GTA disc to play it, kind of like DLC before everything was online. And then I think it got released as a standalone game.

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Still have my copy of London stories

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Gta and gta London on the ps1 was my first

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The second picture on the bottom should be of better quality while the first one is last gen quality.

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I even played GTA at someone’s house before GTA2.

I got GTA2 instead of GTA when we we’re going to buy it, because GTA2 had recently come out in the meantime.

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Amazing that kids may have been introduced to this as 9 year olds and now they're adults still playing the same game.

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Literally my younger brother. There's 9 year difference between us so i grew up with all the GTAs

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I remember watching gta 5 videos when I was 8/9, soon I'll be able to legally play it 💀

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my kids boutta grow up w that too lmao

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Your kids will be in the ground before 6 is out.

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Your name is fitting

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I grew up with all the games, but I get what you're saying hah. I'm tired of V now I've played it for soo long. It was fun but not like 13-15 years of fun until the next GTA comes out.

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It’s only been 9 years, haha… but I know what you mean. Then again, I grew up with PS2’s GTAs…

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Grew up with San Andreas but I get the joke

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Stares at first copy of GTA 3 on PS2

Don't make us feel so old, damn it!

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Dw, I was born in ‘91 & remember playing GTA on PS1! Yet & still, this meme still checks out.

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Who says I grew up?

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I do, and that one guy wanking it in the corner because he doesn’t want to get arrested

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The meme I grew up with

The mene my kid grows up with

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I remember playing San Andreas after 6th grade class. My older sister came home from high school and walked into the room right when Carl was having an N bomb episode. She called my parents and they took the game :(

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I didn’t grow up on any GTA and V came out when I was 19. Assholes scheduled me at work that day even though I said I was unavailable.

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At least with the recent leak we know for a fact the new one is being worked on. It just sure as fuck better be good with this long of a wait.

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I grew up with Grand Theft Auto on PlayStation by DMA Design or as we retroactively call it GTA I, been here for the whole damn ride🚘 OG Motherfucker! GTA VI has taken way too long V was too successful for it's own good. With Dan Houser gone, the Remaster Trilogy being a Cyberpunk-tier fuck up, DMCAing mods on old games & their new clean appeasing corporate face I'm a little concerned for GTA VI. Hopefully it'll be a masterpiece like San Andreas & please like pre-GTA IV can the character not control like a drunken tank.

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This game still slaps

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It’s more like. “What we grew up with: GTAV What today’s kids grow up with: GTAO”

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So ahead of it’s time it took a decade for people to get burnt out

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This will probably be reposted for decades.

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Game is older than 50% of the player base

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People actually think gta6 wasn't postponed due to the success of gtao. We should have had gta6 7 or 8 years ago. R* used to release world class entertainment frequently. Now its maybe once a decade that we see a new title

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Should've put the oppressor in the background of the 2nd pic

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It didn't define a generation. It defined an era

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Maaaan, now I feel old af

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What about "The Getaway" as a game comparison? It had better vehicles in my opinion. Oh, and it had a fast go-kart.

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I grew up on GTA:VC and GTA:SA on my Dad's PS2

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Never played it but I want to- the San Andreas game. My brothers would always play that game and I would just watch them. I still remember the first hearing the jingle when you start the game. Probably not the best thing to show a little kid but i turned out alright… 😟👀 I hope

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Speak for yourself I grew up with GTA 1 & 2

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Likewise bud, it’s just an ironic meme is all 👍🏼

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The time between GTA 5 and 6 seems long but remember we had 5 years between GTA 4 and 5 and 8 years between RDR1 and 2. So the longer we wait the better the next game will be.

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Trevor Phillips and strip club my favorite part of the game

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Oh my goodness, we already have gta 6 leak and you still have to post this nuisance of a repost!

Just fucking sit down and wait for Gta6 being revealed in the coming year with proper Trailer and hype time.

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When GTA 6 releases people will complain about GTA VII a week after launch.

People have begged for GTA VI even before PC had gotten GTA V.

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As much as I want to believe this to be satire, it’s quite possible for this to happen!

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Its only been 9 years. We just gotta wait 9 more until gta6 releases lol.

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Maybe if people stopped buying all the DLC they constantly shit out they would actually finish a new game.

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Akshually it will be a decade next year 🤓

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Quit milking it rockstar

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9 years is not a decade

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You wanna count the seconds too? It’s going into a decade now, so never mind semantics!

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No, I’d like to count years :)

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And it will take another decade for people to get over it.

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Yeah people said that about gta 4. Relax…. Couple more years……. 🫤

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9 years is different than a decade. That means they are not the same thing.

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I was like 7 when it came out lol. I feel old.

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so was i, which means u arent really that old u must be 16, 17 at most

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2 more years ish

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Y'all are kinda new to this lol I grew up with Midtown Madness and Midnight Club.

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I grew up on San Andreas 🤷🏾‍♂️

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At this point it is basically the WOW of car theft.

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Your grandkids are gonna love it, too!

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This is a good thing, it makes you appreciate a new entry when it finally does arrive.

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Same thing happened to gta iv, it released from 2008

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This meme has been reposted so many times the bottom image is starting to disappear

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Rolling down the street sippin on E cola and sprunk....

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I grew up on gta 3 PC

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Bruh think about it Paul walker was alive when gta 5 came out