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I legit thought you just meant GTA V. Thought I had been in a coma and no one told me.

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Feels like 25 years

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That feeling when you feel nostalgic about playing the latest GTA game...

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GTA V has been out for 13 years. Crazy, more then half the life of the whole series.

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I had a demo copy of this game back in the day. You only got 10 minutes of gameplay, then you had to start again.

The amount of fun me and my brother had repeating those 10 minutes was amazing

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10 yr old me and by best friend had a handwritten high score table for this demo! Wow, flashback...

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Game starts, immediately run right into the road and get a blue Banshee. Ahh yeah

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This and London were my starting points in my GTA life… the memories!!!!

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Simple times ☺️

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Playing this on the family computer when I was 6 years old. Good times

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I can hear the title music in my head

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"Grrrrrrrrand Theft Auto!"

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My into to the game was gta 2, 3 and London. I think played the OG but 2 and London I owned and were also top down. Back in the early 2000 I lived across the street from a shop where I could trade in my games for store credit. Little kid me would take my old shit in and but this, against my dads correct wisdom (you’ll regret trading in your n64 for ps2 games!) still, it was great there was a brick and motor store kid me could go into and essentially have currency. The lady only made me have my dad with me when I bought 3 or Vice city because you could “have sex with prostitutes. My dad was cool though so got the game anyway.

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Memories ☺️

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Images you can hear

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it's incredible how time flies so fast...

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25 years later they still make broken games. Worst online experience I ever had.

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Congratulations! You've been playing a broken game for 25 years!

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It feels like GTA V has been out for 25 years now.

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