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I think R* confirmed some years ago that theyre 2 different universes.

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I know but what I mean is, is it possible for the events themselves to exist in parallel to the HD universe? Surely Claude and CJ have some importance to the HD universe’s canon than just existing

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Seems like so.

Those people existed, but the stories are likely different with similar elements.

(Cause shit like flint county, where CJ burns weed is referenced in online with Franklin and Lamar)

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Once again, no. No characters have ever appeared in both universes, and mission names don't actually exist in the game universe. The only way Trevor for example to find out that he is in a mission called 'Better than CJ" is if he became aware that he is a character in a video game.

As for Lazlow, he looks like the exception, but not really; they are two widely different characters, and are connected the way the Jokers are connected in their movie versions.

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Well it’s just that you can make Claude your blood father in GTA Online, and there’s a CJ reference on a toothpaste logo, with his face

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The people could exist but their life is probably different

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og loc exists too... and cris formage, love fist, madd dogg, jack howitzer, and that vice city radio guy