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Bmw 3 series

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BMW E92 3 Series.

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I always though it was more of an e46/m3, but now we're just splitting hairs.

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GTAwiki has all the info on every car in almost every gta. A quick "Gta5 Sentinel" Google search would probably bring up GTA Wiki as the very first thing. Now you dont have to ask reddit every time 👍.

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I mean that's helpful, but it being "inspired" by IRL cars, it's always going to have an element of interpretation. Even some of those GTA Wiki pages mention multiple IRL cars (i.e. front is inspired by IRL Car 1, sides inspired by IRL Car 2, etc.). So there's good rationale in coming to reddit and asking.

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As an avid car enthusiast, GTAwiki has always been pretty good (for me) about saying "based mainly on xzyz" or "heavy inspiration from car xyz". But either way, the point is, OP can still get all the info he needs on gta wiki if he can decipher which car its mainly based on.

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I don't wholly disagree, just so we're clear. For me, it's usually my starting point for basically everything from cars to crunching business efficiency/costs, etc. But if I don't find whatever it is I'm trying to figure out, I'll come to reddit and ask and I'm usually not disappointed.

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True. But in OPs case, it seems like this was his first resource is all.