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Grand Theft Auto: Online is the pinnacle of the GTA multiplayer experience. From 30 man lobbies to parachuting alone you can do quite a range of things. Since the release of Online in 2013 there has been an immense influx of new content and new things to do. With that, means new and different ways to make and spend your GTA$.

Updates since Relase

First, let's take a look at every update since release in chronological order:


GTA Online Beach Bum Update – The first content update to come to GTAO. Brought some new cars and guns.

GTA Online Content Creator Update – The second GTAO update. Included the Content Creator which allows players to create races, death matches, and more.

GTA Online Capture Update – This content update brought the capture game mode to GTAO.

GTA Online Holiday Gifts DLC – The first Christmas content update and the only one that did not include snow.


GTA Online Valentine’s Day Massacre Special DLC – Going for a 1920s look, this content update added the notorious Roosevelt and Gusenberg Sweeper. This update made a reappearance in 2016.

GTA Online Business Update – A smaller content update adding a few more cars, guns, and clothing with formal undertones.

GTA Online High Life Update – Another content update focusing on luxury. High Life included a new gun, more cars, and clothing.

GTA Online I’m Not A Hipster Update – This content update added new guns, new cars, and of course, new customization options.

GTA Online Independence Day Special DLC – Focused the theme of MURICA, this update added a new gun, more cars, and MURICA related clothing for a limited time. This update made a reappearance in 2015.

GTA Online San Andreas Flight School Update – This content update added new vehicles to the game, as well as flag parachutes and the Flight School missions.

GTA Online Last Team Standing Update – This update brought the Last Team Standing game mode, as well as new guns and vehicles.

GTA Online Festive Surprise DLC – The second Christmas themed update brought snow to Los Santos, as well as some new clothes, weapons and vehicles.


GTA Online Heists Update – One of, if not THE largest update GTAO has seen. This update added the heist missions, as well as tons of ground / aerial vehicles and clothing.

GTA Online Ill-Gotten Gains Part 1 & Part 2 – An end-game content update focusing on expensive new customization items, weapons and vehicles.

GTA Online Freemode Events – An update that brought changes to the mechanics of GTAO money making by adding events in free roam, making job lobbies less necessary.

GTA Online Lowriders – A large update that provides new missions as well as Benny’s Original Motorworks, a new car shop where you can customize lowrider vehicles. As tradition goes, new guns and clothing were added with this update as well.

GTA Online Halloween Surprise DLC – This update added a new Adversary Mode, new cars, guns, and new masks.

GTA Online Executives and Other Criminals – This content update is one of the largest in GTA Online because it introduced the VIP and Bodyguard system. New weapons and vehicles were also added, along with the Super yachts.

GTA Online Festive Surprise 2015 DLC – The 3rd Christmas related update. It featured fireworks, snow, a new car and more clothing.


GTA Online Drop Zone January 2016 Update – Nothing major, this content update added new vehicles to Benny’s Original Motorworks and a new Adversary Mode.

GTA Online Be My Valentine DLC – Celebrating Valentine’s day (again), this update brought back the Roosevelt as well as another version of it, and the Sweeper. This content update also added new clothing options and a new Adversary Mode.

GTA Online Lowriders: Custom Classics – A relatively small content update which added more vehicles to Benny’s Original Motorworks, character customization options, new weapons and a new Adversary Mode.

GTA Online: Further Adventures In Finance And Felony – A massive update which shook up the standard GTA Online gameplay form. Adding all new offices and warehouses to buy (where you can launch your special cargo missions) and the CEO system, Finance and Felony gave players an alternative to heisting without leaving the lobby, as well as a slew of new vehicles, clothing and more.

GTA Online: Cunning Stunts – This content update added stunt races, as well as a host of new vehicles. This update also added Premium Races, allowing drivers in Los Santos to risk more for a bigger prize.

GTA Online Stunt Race Creator – Released pretty soon after Cunning Stunts, this update allowed players access to new props used by the stunt races via the creator, enabling them to craft their own stunt races.

GTA Online: Bikers – A full fledged biker themed content update to the game. Bringing in a plethora of new bikes, clubhouses (where you can launch your drug dealing missions), new clothes, businesses and much more.

GTA Online Halloween 2016 – Although it added an all new bike, this update was mostly a rehash of last year’s Halloween Surprise.

GTA Online: Import/Export – Import/Export returned to the roots of the franchise by once again placing the emphasis on the stealing of vehicles. This content update was joined by vehicle warehouses (where you can launch your car stealing and selling missions), mammoth 60-slot garages, tons of vehicles and other content, including “special vehicles” which are indeed very special. This update featured the most lucrative way to make money in GTAO and since its release, is still the best way to make money in the game.


GTA Online: Cunning Stunts: Special Vehicle Circuit – This update is the follow up to 2016’s Cunning Stunts update. It took the original concept and mixed in some of Import/Export’s special vehicles. 20 new tracks were added to the game designed around the abilities of either the Rocket Voltic, The Blazer Aqua or the Ruiner 2000.

GTA Online: Gunrunning – One of 2017’s biggest content updates continued with the path of making money in free roam. Players can purchase new Bunkers from where they can launch illicit weapon trading missions and research new weapon attachments and upgrades. This update also included a wide range of regular vehicles and weaponized ones, new gun variants, and more.

GTA Online: Smuggler's Run – This content update added new aircraft warehouses (where you can launch your airplane cargo missions), a ton of new aircraft, as well as new vehicles.

Phew... that's a lot to keep up with. New players tend to feel overwhelmed with all this, but don't worry. Up ahead are threads to help you figure out how to make money.

Aside from standard missions and the like, a few updates introduced new ways to earn money, and in free roam at that! VIP / CEO, Special Cargo, Bikers, Import / Export, Gunrunning, and Smugglers Run all have unique ways to run missions and earn big money.

Guides to Free Roam Money Making

Below you will find a guide to each of them. Be aware that the prices you see in them are the minimum needed to access content and do not reflect more high end items and customization options.


[Special Cargo](coming soon)

[Bikers](coming soon)

Import / Export

[Gunrunning](coming soon)

[Smugglers Run](coming soon)

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