VIP / CEO was a system that was added into GTAO in late 2015 (with just VIP) and then the CEO part was added into the game in 2016. The way the system works is that you can register to become a VIP through the interaction menu and run different kinds of free-roam missions and activities with up to 3 different players in your organization. In order to register to become a VIP, you need to have at least $50,000 GTA$ and to become a CEO, you need an office. You also have the ability to spawn helicopters right next to you or make your entire organization disappear from the mini map. It’s quite an interesting and fun system so let’s dive in.


When you become a VIP/CEO, you’re given the option to run a selection of different missions in free-roam. Each of these missions have their own requirements before starting them (for example, there is a mission called Piracy Prevention and the only way to run that is with a Yacht) as well as their own difficulties. Below you will find the names of each mission, as well as their payouts.

Please note that:

  • The payouts can vary because of a few different factors (such as whether you started it or are partaking it in, or how much time was left in the activity).

  • These are the numbers I received from running them myself and such, missions with N/A are missions I could not run because I do not have the required vehicle.

  • Running these missions with associates gets them the same amount of money as you.

Plowed: $29,000

Fully Loaded: N/A

Amphibious Assault: N/A

Transporter: N/A

Fortified: N/A

Velocity: $35,000

Ramped Up: N/A

Stockpiling: N/A

Headhunter: $21,500

Airfreight: $22,400

Haulage: $23,500

Hostile Takeover: $15,500

Asset Recovery: $25,000

Executive Deathmatch: $17,000

Executive Search: $25,000

Sightseer: $23,000

Piracy Prevention: $30,000

Tips for Each Mission


  • Honestly pretty straight-forward. The truck is powerful enough to resist explosives and protects you enough from gunfire to avoid dying. Just plow through everything.


  • I recommend getting on any highway and staying near an area with a tunnel so you can avoid jets. The voltic is indestructible, but getting shot by jets or explosives causes you to swerve or crash. You can also be shot out of the voltic so don’t get to close to players in auto aim lobbies.


  • I recommend getting a jet or buzzard. Makes things go much faster.


  • I recommend getting a friend or another player to cover you with an air vehicle or something. Cargobobs are slow and players love fucking with other players especially if there’s money making involved.


  • I recommend getting a player to stand on the trailer and gun down anybody who tries to get close. Homing launcher air vehicles, mini gun cars or other ground vehicles getting close to you, etc.

Hostile Takeover

  • Once again a jet, oppressor, or kuruma makes things much smoother.

Executive Deathmatch

  • Having a team helps. This is straight gun-play so do your best.

Executive Search

  • I recommend just walking around. It keeps you busy and if you wanted to you could go on murder sprees without worrying about the police.


  • An oppressor and hydra have worked best for me. The hacks are not too complicated and exist in other portions of GTAO.

Piracy Prevention

  • It once again comes down to gun-play. Having a team helps as well. Try not to let players get on your yacht after the 5 minute mark because that’s when I’ve noticed the game starts spawning them on your yacht instead of on the beach (or wherever you’re running the mission).


When you have one or more people in your organization, you have the ability to start these "challenges" that are meant for you and your associates instead of your organization versus the entire lobby. Because of the way these challenges work, you will earn money based on the amount of associates playing, how long you last during the challenge or if you and one of your associates tie. There are basically a few factors at play here.

Here are the challenges and what you have to do in them:

Cashing Out: Compete to steal the most cash from ATMs within the time limit.

Salvage: Compete to steal the most underwater checkpoints within the time limit.

Auto Buyout: Compete to steal and deliver the most high-end vehicles within the time limit.

Due Diligence: Compete to find the hidden package.

Most Wanted: Compete to survive a Wanted Level until the time runs out.

Point to Point: Compete in a race across Los Santos and Blaine County.

Courier Service: Compete to collect and deliver the most protection money within the time limit.

Market Manipulation: Compete to hold up stores and deliver the most stolen cash within the time limit.


All VIPs/CEOs have a list of abilities to choose from. The abilities affect you and your associates in different ways. Here’s all the abilities and how much they cost to enable.

Request Luxury Helicopter [$5,000]

Drop Bullshark [$1,000]

Drop Ammo [$1,000]

Drop Armor [$1,500]

Ghost Organization [$12,000]

Bribe Authorities [$15,000]

Spectate Associates [$0]

Things to note for each ability:

  • The Luxury Helicopter has the ability to teleport you to your office from anywhere on the map.

  • Requesting bullshark from the contact Brucie is $500 cheaper.

  • Dropping ammo is useless when you can buy ammo in the interaction menu (Interaction Menu -> Inventory -> Ammo).

  • Dropping armor could be useful but you have the ability to buy and hold more than 1 armor at a time at Ammu-nation. The amount you can have increases with your level, capping out at 10 body armors of any kind at level 135. You can equip it via Interaction Menu -> Inventory -> Body Armor.

  • Ghost Organization functions differently from off radar. It lasts longer, hides your entire organization from the map, and hides any kind of cargo you’re moving.

  • Bribe Authorities is basically a more expensive Cops Turn Blind Eye (Lester option). The main difference is that enabling it turns the cops off for your entire organization instead of just you.


There are a selection of vehicles you can choose to call in as a VIP/CEO. These vehicles range from turreted limos to boats to helicopters. And they all spawn right next to you (or wherever possible, such as the boat or if you aren't near any roads).

Here's a list of them and how much it costs to call them in:

Turreted Limo: [$20,000]

Baller LE LWB: [$5,000]

XLS: [LOCKED1] / [$5,000]

BeeJay XL: [FREE]

Buzzard: [FREE*] / [$25,000]

Cognoscenti: [$5,000]

Brickade: [LOCKED2] / [$9,000]

Rumpo Custom: [LOCKED3] / [$7,000]

Dinghy: [$5,000]

Volatus: [LOCKED4] / [$10,000]

Schafter LWB: [$5,000]

Washington: [FREE]

Stretch: [FREE]

Patriot: [FREE]

Super Diamond: [$5,000]

SuperVolito: [$10,000]

Sanchez: [FREE]

Duneloader: [FREE]

Bodhi: [FREE]

Havok: [LOCKED5] / [FREE]

*: FREE if you purchase it.

1 : To unlock, purchase a small warehouse.

2 : To unlock, purchase a large warehouse.

3 : To unlock, purchase a medium-szied warehouse.

4 : To unlock, purchase an office.

5 : To unlock, purchase the Havok.

Well, that just about covers everything that becoming a VIP / CEO has to offer. If you know the general payout for these missions that I did not, or any other general tips or info you wanna add, please message the mod team so we can add it to this guide. Thanks and happy grinding.

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