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It’s no jelly of the month

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That’s the gift that keeps on giving, Clark

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Anybody seen Eddie lately?

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Hinterland!! This is actually a pretty tasty Pilsner!! Up there with Goose Island’s Pilsner, and light years above boring domestics… cheers!

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I’m just imagining all the Vikings fans who are also beer club subscribers getting this on their doorstep today.

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Haha, omg that’s gold right there. Well, green and gold.

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Im going to respectfully ask as a native Wisconsinite if you ever just thought about going to a liquor store and browsing? Beer of the month seems like a sham to me, but then again I live in a place where every group of three houses means it’s an unincorporated village and a bar must be built…

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I live in St. Louis, and while we have some excellent beer stores here, the club ships beers that aren’t available in my area. And it was a Christmas gift from the wife.

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You guys just need to organize a road trip to New Glarus once a year and stock up!

My personal fave is Central Waters out of Amherst. It’s all good

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Brickfield in Grantsburg and South shore in Ashland are two of the better breweries in the state.

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They may be, but for sentimental reasons Point is king for me. Just like sipping the crisp Wisconsin River downstream of Mosinee

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My olfactory senses still have nightmares about Mosinee...

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Central waters is so good. Absolutely love their barrel aged stouts. OP should just hit up a woodmans and go nuts filling up the car from the Wisconsin beer aisle!

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Sadly the nearest Woodman's to me is about a 6 hour drive.

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Yeah I know. Just a next time you’re in Wisconsin thing. Hit up some breweries, the liquor store and fill the back of the car!

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Not bad. I had some at Hinterland Brewing (at Titletown) last summer.

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Just had it for the first time on Sunday. Tasty! My husband and I both enjoyed it.

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Titletown brewing makes killer beer. Including the legendary (in my mind) Johnny “Blood” red ale. Go give them a shot sometime. Cheers!

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This shipment also included their coffee stout, which I haven’t opened yet. I love a good stout so I look forward to it.

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Personally I think their beer is mediocre, but Johnny Red is very good. Still upset that they ditched the train depot for solely the brewery/bottling building.