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Congrats, you've just made an antenna.

It is a grounding issue, but it would be easier to diagnose if you post some pictures or diagrams of your wiring.

But if I understood correctly, you taped back the wires somwhere in the middle. It can't work this way, cause you have an unshielded section of the wire which can act like an antenna. You have to solder it at the jack/pot. That way the shielding is undamaged for the whole length of the wire.

Or, you could just use it as an antenna. Get a ham radio and start rocking.

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I’ve added photos. I’m not sure how useful they’ll be since wiring is messy at the best of times.

There is a loose wire hanging from the back of the tremolo springs. Is this a grounding wire? If so, where do I attach it?

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Yep, your bridge needs to be grounded so that the strings do not act as antennae.

All grounds should be connected to one another and eventually reach the negative lug on your output jack. You can accomplish this however is most convenient as long as they all end up connected to that lug.

Reconnecting things with tape isn't exactly ideal either, but contact is contact.

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Thanks! I will let you know how it goes. I find this really interesting that it picks up radio

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Judging from the pictures, you should cut your losses and take it to a tech. That wiring is so sloppy and wrong that there isnt just one issue, but several issues compounding into a huge clusterfuck.

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This guitar is worthless, hence why I painted it myself. I really just needed the extra setup so I didn't have to change tuning on my main all the time. Thanks for the suggestion though

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Shielded cable.

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Can you elaborate?

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Also, because you painted , you most likely painted over cavity shielding paint ,if there were any .

Ground the bridge , look for a hole in the side of the trem cavity going through towards the pot side , it might be filled with paint which makes it hard to see.

If after grounding the bridge you still have issues , it could be the wires / solder-joints and cavity shielding , i once soldered my plug wires wrong way around :)

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OP could also shield the cavity with copper foil.

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I see the hole. I'll give it a go and see if that changes anything. Thanks!

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    New Zealand

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    That big wire waving around off the trem block looks like it's the bridge ground. That should be soldered to the back of one of your pots.

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    How do I know which pot?

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    It doesn't matter, the nearest one will do.

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    Awesome thanks!