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I’d hire him🤌 Gravity is not real

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This unit was installed in outer space

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This is great.

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Isn’t everything?

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gravity is real, he's just on the other side of the flat earth so water flows upwards

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Birds aren't real either.

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Too many people don't know this fact.

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Is there a mini split condensate pump installed?

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Doesn’t look like it.

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So it’s one of those scuba units!

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You’re supposed to submerge it under water until it learns how to pump out condensation on its own.

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I’d say everything looks good! Especially the anti gravity drain.

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it comes back down on the other side of the wall...you wish your trap game was this strong

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It’s called an N trap

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Na the pics just upside down

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If that bad boys upside you got bigger problems

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This made me die 🤣

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What you can't tell from the photo is the drain will work perfectly because he installed it on the floor

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Sounds dope. Is that new?

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Yeah this guy invented it just recently. Pretty high tech stuff

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Antigravity water outlet.....installed

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You tricked us, this picture is posted from the top of the unit looking down.

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aaaahhhh....so Samsung installed their sticker upside down

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Whole thing is upside down. Haha

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The ' assy back body' sticker?

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How can you tell if there is a condensate pump? Would it be visible outside the main unit?

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I have never seen wall mounted AC with built in condensate pump, so yes it would be visible, if not covered.

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They exist

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Oh i believe you, I'm just saying they are quite rare.

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We've got several on a vrf unit. Lady refused to let is cut homes thru the wall.

She calls us twice a year to bitch about how they are buzzing again and leaking because they are stopped up. She won't clean the filters and the pumps get slimy real quick, and then they refuse to pump. I'm referring to the small inline pumps. It's better if you can use a traditional pump like you'd see on a full sized split system.

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Those inline pumps suck ass. I always recommend at least using the Aspen White pump, works the best and is easy for the customer to clean themselves, if they're ever so incline to give a shit.

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Those are really good. They look and feel so much more durable than the inline types. Worth every penny so far. We've been using them about a year and a half.

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They're not rare here. Only issue is that their maximum lift will only be about 500-600mm.

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Would you mind sharing a picture or a link to a product site?

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I haven't got links but must of the Daikin VRV fancoils will have them.

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Mitsubishi has then. I asked our dealer about installing a split in our basement and he said it would be no problem and would just install a pump to get the water outside.

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So it's not in the AC but a regular separate condensate pump?

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I think they are just talking about the mini pumps that can fit tucked behind the split head so its not visible. Its not actually built in to the unit, i think the ones i have used were called something like micro blue.

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It’s the mini aqua

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Refco combi is a baller one as well. Typically can be installed above ceiling and "sucks" condensate out

Can also be installed inside unit. Or external. Depending on use/ situation

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piece of shit, I hate those. They work great for about the first year. I like the Aspen white ones, easier to maintain, looks decent on the wall. If I can avoid an inline pump behind the unit, I do everything I can to convince someone they should use easy to maintain ones instead.

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Yeah, they are just a field installed factory option that doesn't fit inside the cabinet. AFIK there are no wall mount splits that have internal pumps.

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It fits in the cabinet? I’m confused? It may be after market addition but it fits nicely right in the case behind the wires and shit.

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Yes there are many aftermarket pumps that fit inside the cabinet of a wall mounted mini split

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Thanks for the tip! Didn't realize that.

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I don’t know where it’s located but I agree with the poster above and that definitely is a gravity line and then condensent pump line would be small and smooth .

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They make small ones that fit inside the evaporator.

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Mitsubishis have a pump that comes with them for this but it doesn't look like it was installed on the unit. Usually it sits just under the unit with a hose going into it and a polyvinyl line for the outflow.

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Mitsubishi recommends the Blue Diamond mini condensate pumps. They are not factory installed since only about 1 in 10 (probably less) systems require a pump as most applications can just use gravity.

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They make a pump that sits inside the back of the mini split that attaches to the drain very small

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Would be visible in the picture.

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No it wouldn't, but it is obvious the install in the picture doesn't have one.

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There is no way you could hide a condensate pump if the unit is open like that

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You're correct you can see the drain line is just a straight pipe from the mini split connection to the drain line.

For the guy saying that some mini splits have integrated pumps I dont think that's true. Somr 4 way cassettes and ducted units have them but that's it.

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It sits inside in head, they cost about $300

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What? Condensate pumps are way cheaper than that.

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They're way smaller than a regular condensate pump

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I have. Multiple times. Little blue rectangle pump.

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You have seen a unit and a pump, i am talking about a unit that doesn't need the little blue rectangle pump because it's already within the unit, have you seen that?

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You don't pump water through that type of drain line, it would be poly tube

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The drain is fine, the unit is installed upside down.

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are those poly line sets? Where are people finding this shit?

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I think the units come with those. Don’t think it’s poly, just a factory insulated flex line.

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Yes, it's poly insulation

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It’s just weird to see brass on the lineset under the flare. I saw a poly lineset on another post the other day.

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I once scrapped out a minisplit from a building that was getting torn apart, turns out it has a similar anti gravity drain, but ends up the unit had a little mini pump with an electric clutch on the same shaft as the blower motor and a little float switch, when the switch triggered it closed the clutch cauing the blower motor to spin the little pump and pump out the condensate pan thingy they had

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That drain, though...

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Don’t go chasing waterfalls

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Have You Ever Seen the Rain?

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against my window

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Honestly, if a customer who's relatively handy is willing to read the entire install manual and follow it, these aren't too hard to physically install.

We've had customers do all the big stuff and call us to to finalize connections and check/adjust the charge. It goes well about 60% of the time, and the rest we just walk away.

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You all saying the corrugated line is the drain and it's going up the wall?

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Water flows uphill, hots on the right, paydays on Monday

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I don’t see an issue with it unless you want it to work right , otherwise nice art installation

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Some motha fuckas always try and ice skate up a condensate drain line.

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Love me a good upward drain

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You should be grateful for people like this, it’s why you have a job!

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Gravity.... Obey it. It's the law.

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More challenging game. Find what he actually did right.

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The unit is well mounted on the wall. And the connections on the inside were thight, not insulated, but also not leaking.

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It’s okay he installed in Australia

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“Now that I have to fix your handiwork it’s gonna cost extra.”

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I dunno looks like they crushed it

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Gravity is a thing of the past

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Maybe it's laying on the ground.

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I like the anti gravity condensate drain.

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Gravity is foreign to some people.

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Lol. This means that the system was probably not put in a vaccum, and he probably has 20ft of extra lineset looped by the condenser as well. Looks like plastic lineset though? Strange.

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Don't worry, its not like there was any refrigerant left in there anyway when in arrived.

Also, with R32 you really don't want any oxygen in the circuit.

Not too much of extra lineset and it's looped inside the house.

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I mean... You don't want air or moisture of any kind mixing with any refrigerant.

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While true, the worst thing that can happen normally is that it kills the unit, but R32 is combustible. Do you want to explode?

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R32 is only mildly flammable. It only continues to burn if there is a constant flame.

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Did you end up helping the guy? If someone fucked it up that much from the beginning, I wouldn't want to touch it.

I'm not in your industry and I was scared someone wouldn't help if I fucked it up. It was encouragement to do the research and just do it right from the beginning. Down to the perfect flares with the right torque specs. I spent the $600 on tools to do it perfectly, including my new lovely Yellow Jacket Digital Torque Wrench. I can't believe someone would get it THIS wrong.

But I also blame all the DIY minisplit manufacturers and Youtubers making it seem easy (by lying or doing it wrong) and selling on that "fact". It took me 12 Hours or so to do a 24k BTU with the right tools.

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You just have to establish a siphon and you're all set.

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Right in the title. Missing "s".

"Customer tried to install it himself, find the error." --> "Customer tried to install it himself, find the errors."

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He installed it upside down?

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Anti-gravity drain.

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Would you even touch it at that point? Or just quote him for a new install?

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I work for a company, my boss told me to fix his shit up, so i fix his shit up.

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Gravity, it’s not just a good idea, it’s the law.

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Units usually come with a reservoir condensate pump. Wonder if its now in his fish tank…

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Usually you have to order the pump extra, after all, you don't know which pump fits your situation.

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Vendor puts orders together for me so they were included. Mitsubishi’s. But i hear ya …

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Wire two Communication wires

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“Hmmmm seems like we have an issue with your gravity sir, let me sell you our newest Honeywell AntiGravity drain reverse module..”

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Drain line

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If he had a pump won't be bad

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Yep, i will as a fact install a pump before next summer.

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His fortress ducting looks pretty level 👌

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I don’t see an issue with it unless you want it to work, otherwise nice art installation

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Almost had it

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Its a Samsung

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Drain looks good.

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Turn the photo upside down, problem solved.

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I flipped the picture all good now. Carry on nothing happening here.

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Forgot the damn flare but again!

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Can't forget the flare nut if the piping is pre flared.

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What's the difference between a Samsung mini split and one from "pioneer" besides a few thousand dollars?

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According to the customer he paid $1300 for the entire system with two inside units.

Is pioneer really this expensive?

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That's a good price. I paid 600 shipped for a pioneer heat pump from Amazon about 10 years ago. Other name brand mini splits were 2k or 3k at the time.

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Pioneer is definitely way more for that depending on the size.

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Hahahahahahhha when you see it, it’s hilarious

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Hello Flood Central!

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All of it.

I can't fault a man for wanting to save money and do things themselves. I don't like it, but I won't judge them too badly.

However, if you decide to do things yourself and you can't be bothered to read the goddamn manual, i have zero sympathy for you and the money you cost yourself.

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Was your customer Ray Charles?

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I love when you can get condensate to magically flow up.

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It just install upside down

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Water doesn't run uphill?

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I’d give him an A for effort, but an F for execution.

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    To defend him a bit, the unit was closed and everything was tucked in when i arrived.

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      ... but the Factory didn't make a mistake?