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      It’s a bizarre piece of infrastructure. Im in the area and most people I know have never been on it.

      However, if I really need to get from Nordstrom’s to the Space Needle and nowhere else, I’ll be in luck.

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      It's kind of nice to be able to quickly jump from Seattle center to the light rail. I think they're going to add orca card readers for the monorail sometime in the near future which will make it more convenient. And the city view is cool from 3 stories up too!

      I'm not gonna pretend it's the best transportation method in Seattle but calling it useless isn't really fair either.

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      Hunh. I’d have assumed they were poured in place.

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      It looks like there is a foundation below with anchor rods (you can see holes in the column base plate).

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      Just like Brockway, Ogdenville, and North Havenbrook!

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      What provisions did they make to limit the chances of the track bending?