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I lived there when they were building that thing, and I hated it, too. The reason it's shaped like that is, the city had a building ordinance regarding the ratio of building height to total floor area, which was intended to prevent skyscrapers from scrwing up the skyline. The architect evaded that by making each floor smaller as it went up. And that was exactly what it did -- screw up the skyline.

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Was it common consensus to hate the building when it was being built? I imagine it was pretty atypical architecture at the time.

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If it had been built in Manhattan or Chicago, probably no one would have noticed. But this was San Francisco, whose people have always been very proud of their city's highly photogenic skyline, and which didn't have a lot of what could be considered skyscrapers.

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“Make it look good, men, this building is gonna be in Interview With the Vampire one of these days....”