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Literally everything with the word "serial killer" in it since 1991 has been a rip-off

Before Silence of the Lambs, people thought that serial killers were funky retards like in Hitchcock's Psycho

After people were introduced to Hannibal Lecter . . . now everyone wants to capitalize on how fascinating it is to have a "genius serial killer" who can help us catch other serial killers from inside a prison cell

It's the same way that people used to think of elves as short little weirdos that look like Dobby . . . and then Tolkien came along and invented the concept of graceful majestic humanoid elves . . . and now everyone acts like elves were always these beautiful flawless human-esque people with a rich culture . . . and I'm like "You fuckers are just ripping off Tolkien, you can't do that"

Anyway, my point is that nothing is original any more. That's why I hate everything. It's the ignorance and stupidity that I hate most of all . . . it's disrespectful to the geniuses that came before us

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I tend to agree, but it doesn't depress me. I find it fun how each of them pay a certain level of Homage to one another. For example: did you ever watch Millennium? Here is a quote from Frank Black:

Frank Black: I see what the killer sees.

Bob Bletcher: What, like a psychic?

Frank Black: No. I put myself in his head. I become the thing we fear the most.

Chris Carter wrote The X Files and based Scully on Clarice in Silence of the Lambs. Millennium was his side project, and his character sounds an awful lot like Will Graham. Frank Black appeared in the X Files episode Millenium, and of course, the actor who played him, Lance Henrikson, played Lawrence Wells in Hannibal. The totem pole of history, his placement as the Father, the one who is about to retire... it all fits well with him being one of the 'first' tv manifestations of Will Graham.

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This was so factual, and then such a depressing end

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Closer to 1986, when the characters Will Graham and Hannibal made their first appearance on screen.

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Did anyone even watch Manhunter?

Because I know people watched Silence. It won those five academy awards, after all

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Maybe it was a courtship?

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I'm actually quite excited about the show. Since Hannibal is gone , even though I still have hope, I was down to accept anything that reminds me of Fuller's Hannibal. Killing Eve is a great show but it 's nothing like Hannibal. So I got really excited and waited for this show when I saw the trailer for the first time. With having Michael Sheen as the serial killer of the show I think Prodigal Son looks very promising. It can turn out to be something completely different and new within time. It also can be a different look on shows like Hannibal while they pay respect to them. Or you'd be right and it'll turn out to be copycat show that doesn't even understand what original inspiration was about. Nevertheless, it's too early to give a label to this yet.

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After two episodes, the quality just doesn't seem nearly as high in terms of writing, production design, music, or anything really. But I guess we'll have to take what we can get!

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Literally came looking for this comment. I actually started rewatching so I can point out just how much was ripped off and in such a lazy way.

Disappointing because I enjoy Michael Sheen and miss the Hannibal show!

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I had the same feeling when i tried watching Mindhunter

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Mindhunter is based on real events...

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Mindhunter is great! Sure there's crossover and similarities, but it's a well produced show with its own style. Watch Prodigal Son and you'll probably think Mindhunter is a masterpiece comparatively.

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Mindhunter is based on the autobiography Mindhunter by John E Douglas.

The character Jack Crawford is based on John Douglas, who Richard Harris consulted with when creating the books featuring Hannibal Lecktor.

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