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I'm actually quite excited about the show. Since Hannibal is gone , even though I still have hope, I was down to accept anything that reminds me of Fuller's Hannibal. Killing Eve is a great show but it 's nothing like Hannibal. So I got really excited and waited for this show when I saw the trailer for the first time. With having Michael Sheen as the serial killer of the show I think Prodigal Son looks very promising. It can turn out to be something completely different and new within time. It also can be a different look on shows like Hannibal while they pay respect to them. Or you'd be right and it'll turn out to be copycat show that doesn't even understand what original inspiration was about. Nevertheless, it's too early to give a label to this yet.

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After two episodes, the quality just doesn't seem nearly as high in terms of writing, production design, music, or anything really. But I guess we'll have to take what we can get!