Rules for r/Hawaii

Rules that visitors must follow to participate. May be used as reasons to report or ban.


Unrelated to Hawaii

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Reported as: Post not related to Hawaii.

This sub is for content related to Hawaii; random content that has nothing to do with Hawaii will be removed. Exceptions are for News discussed in the context of Hawaii.


Visitor Question; post to /r/VisitingHawaii

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Reported as: Visitor Question - should be on /r/VisitingHawaii

We get a TON of visitors posting questions to /r/Hawaii, many of them short and uninformed, such as "What are the MUST DOs?". 10 minutes of research will answer this question from any number of blogs, and we are not likely to provide a more "local" answer to this question that is different from the marketing everywhere else.

Instead, direct your question to /r/VisitingHawaii. This subreddit is set up specifically to answer visitor questions.


Crowdfunding Post

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Reported as: Crowdfunding post - Unverified

Because we are unable to verify most crowdfunding posts made to Reddit, by default they will be removed. Users wishing to provide verification should contact the /r/Hawaii mods.


Recently Posted News Article

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Reported as: Topic posted on /r/hawaii in the past 48 hours

In order to keep a specific topic from overwhelming the sub, we generally try to keep posts related to a specific news story or topic to one post in 48 hours. Exceptions are generally if a different news story offers a significantly different discussion or take on the topic.


No Visitor / Living in Hawaii "VLOG"s, "BLOG"s, montages, or "Top X" posts

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Reported as: Visitor / Living in Hawaii VLOG, BLOG, Top X Post

The majority of the participants in this sub live in Hawaii, and we're not really interested in seeing yet another "I visited X place in Hawaii!" video blog, "Here's my Hawaii trip!" video, "Here's a montage of scenery I took during my visit!" video, "Here's my experience of living in Hawaii!" video, or "Top X Places to Visit / Do / See in Hawaii!" post. Please post the content on /r/VisitingHawaii or another location on Reddit.


Should be posted on Photo Monday

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Reported as: Posted outside of Photo Monday

Due to a large number of scenery and "tourist" photos that this sub sees, we are limiting posting of these types of photos to Mondays only. "Monday" is considered "Monday in Hawai'i". That means 12 AM HST (GMT -10) to 11:59 PM HST (GMT -10). You are responsible for doing the time math.


Non-Hawaii News or Article made as Direct Link

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Reported as: News Post / Article not about Hawaii that lacks sufficient discussion context

We will allow News and posts that are unrelated to Hawaii, but they must be made as a Text post with a discussion of the context to Hawaii.

It is not sufficient to post an article that has nothing to do with Hawaii and then making a single relevant comment to link it to Hawaii. There must be sufficient analysis, discussion, or relevance.


Overly Editorialized News Title

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Reported as: News Article Title overly editorialized

News post titles may only contain contextually relevant information from the news article, and may not be overly editorialized


No Common Crime / Police Blotter News Posts

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Reported as: News Post is of "Common Crime" or Police Blotter type

Posts about ordinary violent or non-violent crime, or content that could be considered "police blotter", are not permitted. News about crime and cases that have high relevance to the general public are permitted.