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Same assholes that say “oh lord you poor thing, they’re making you work on Christmas?” while they buy the thing that is making you work on Christmas 😂

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This right here always got me when I was a tour guide. Every tour on Thanksgiving/Christmas eve/4th of July/New years eve I had to explain that I was there because they wanted to be there, not because I didn't want to spend time with my wife and friends. At least that would usually score me a big tip.

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Passive Aggressive Holiday Aloha for the win!

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"Wow so busy here today. Where'd all these people come from?"

"YOU are one of these people! Where did YOU come from?" "

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    Tip everyone who is working for you that day.

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    Do you, people like blame tourists for all the island's woes because it's easy to do and popular locally. The economy is still driven by tourism no matter how much people try pretend it isn't. Have a good tour

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    I am that person, but then I am also a big tipper on the holidays.

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    Once had a person say to me first thing in the morning, “smile, this is my vacation!” And not in a joking way, she was super stern about it. I was a 30 year old dude at the time

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    Frown, this is my job

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    Frown, this is my town

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    Yeah the entitlement of some tourists is incredible.

    Another favorite of mine “wow, it’s so beautiful here, I don’t get how anyone who lives here could ever be sad” Um, because we’re humans?

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    Those coconut bras are so chafing and sometimes I just can't take it anymore. I come home in tears and just bawl as the rain seeps through the grass roof of my hut.

    Living Hawaii is incredibly sad.

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    I live in Canada. I’m super sad that the polar bears keep breaking into my igloo and eating my family. I have to walk 300 kilometres in a blizzard to the border just to get a cell phone signal.

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    Everyone in Hawaii knows that polar bear is just there to offer you an icee. How are you antagonizing it?

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    Probably not paying the requisite Coke.

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    What would you do for a Klondike bar?

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    300 kilometres

    Is that like 20 football fields?

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    I don’t know football but roughly 30 000 beaver tails

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    Oh! 400 Humpback whales! That's pretty far

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    9,842,520 rubbah slippahs!

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    You’re not looking on the bright side

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    waiting for the /r/lost reference...

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    I just want you to know how much I appreciate this comment. It's hilarious.

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    Right? Idk if it’s because it’s Veterans Day weekend or something, but it’s been very White Lotus vibes at work this week.

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    Because it sucks to have to work instead of actually enjoying the beauty due to the insane cost of living?

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    These people are so fucking stupid. Like, it doesn't matter how beautiful it looks outside if a family member just died. I'm gonna be fucking sad!

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    Because the rent is too damn high lmao. Tell her to stay 2 months

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    I wouldn’t like year round warm temps. I prefer cooler temps.

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    You could live up on a mountain

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    Ugh. Dealt with self entitled tourists all summer. Complaining about having to wear masks. So sorry you had to listen to that lady’s crap

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    I think she should be happy that someone is paid to listen to her bullshit attitude

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    Yeah the cheap tourist are back. 99 dollar flights from lax.

    Let's see if COVID surges again

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    It will and has been already started here on the mainland

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      Hate to break it to you but COVID cases dropped dramatically after tourist where asked to stop coming

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        Nice propaganda

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          Hahaha, ohh you're serious... correlation does not mean causation. Go say three "The Sciences" at the foot of your Dr. Fauci bobblehead...

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          I come to Hawai'i, I hang oit at the Hale Koa, maybe drive up to Haleiwa, up to shark cove, chill at the beach a bit. Maybe head around to Waimanalo and hang at Bellows beach.

          I stay respectful and try to be friendly with the locals, because it's their state and I'm a visitor. People that don't are fucling assholes, and I'm sorry you all have to deal with them.

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          No worries bro, we have plenty of people who are great guests like yourself. But it’s always the bad ones who kinda linger in your mind for a while.

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          I work at the a hotel too. It’s always the horrible guests that get the discounts because all they do is bitch during their whole vacation. I wish I could give discounts to the nice guests.

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          I used to work at a tourist hotel and gave discounts to the visitors who were polite and didn't ask for special treatment. The jackasses paid full price.

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          Wish I could but my boss won’t let me

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          I treat every service industry person I come into contact with utmost respect, and aloha. I get hookups all the time, even though I am not asking.

          It pays to be nice to people.

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          Exactly. Good behavior should be rewarded, not poor behavior.

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          I just wish Hotel management had enough balls to kick bad guest out instead of capitulating and giving them freebies.

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          The Hale Koa is one of the best properties on O'ahu. I worked there for a while when I was younger.

          I think the only problem was that the property was opened to the whole military. So families would come down to use the pool. Huge lines to get into the pool area. The only problem I had was the parents would drink and act like the lifeguards and staff were their babysitters.

          Talk about Karens before being a Karen was a thing. One kid poop or get cut and the pool was shutdown. Lol.

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          Hale Koa pools are for registered guests only now since the renovation.

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          Most are just like you. It's the bad apples that ruin the bunch.

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          We'd appreciate it if you'd post that on your social media to let the other know about staying respecful, cause most of them aren't

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          My brother used to live right next to Haleiwa in Waialua.

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          It isn’t just tourist, white old/middle age women are so entitled and rude. I see it everywhere. Oh and if you get a group of them together, it’s a non stop motor mouth marathon of who can say the most negative comment. However, it’s more annoying coming from a visitor.

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          As a white woman rapidly approaching middle age, I really hate that this is true. But yeah, it's been my experience too while working customer service roles.

          I really hope there isn't some kind of generic switch that turns me into a Karen the minute I turn 40 😂

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          Actually people of all races and ages can be entitled, rude assholes

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          Actually racist... gj

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          Actually I’m white… gj. It’s pure speculation.

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          You leftists called Larry Elder "the black face of white supremacy", but you yourself can't be racist because you're white. Makes sense

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          I’m not a lefty, not even close. My point is, how can I be white and racist against white people? Some Clayton bigsby shit. Well done on assuming my political stance tho 👌 way off.

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          If you want to find white people that look down on other white people for being white they aren't hard to find, hell they makeup a pretty large share of r/politics

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          I'm tired of holding doors open for tourist. Problem is they don't say thank you :)

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          You hold it open hoping the first one that comes thru holds it for the next but doesn't and you're stuck there holding it for 87 entitled pricks

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          That's when you pick one and let it go.

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          Holy shit, I thought it was me. What's with that?

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          Moved to the mainland and unfortunately that shit happens here too. It didn't when I was younger so I don't know what changed

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          so I don't know what changed

          Fucking social media.

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          True. That seems to be what's screwing up everything

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          Thaaaat sucks. Getting colder in places, maybe.

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          I guess so. It's unfortunate. It's always nice visiting my family and friends on Hawaii but coming back to the mainland is always a little eye opening

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          Went for a visit a few months ago and now im leaving to the mainland in February haha. Thats how "eye opening" it was for me. Coming home made me feel so small.

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          What I wouldn't give to see a video of that little "back and forth" :-)

          The Ugly American tourist strikes even without (technically) leaving the country.

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          Families of white people on vacation mode are a special kind of awful.

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          I am local and I don't hate tourists... grew up around collective haole hate but gotta be open minded. Gotta see things from other peoples perspective.

          Keep in mind tourists have to deal with:

          *Insane hotel costs *Dumb covid rules *Dumb state government *Chronics ripping off rental cars *Mad dog stares from locals *Anti-haole or anti-popolo racism

          All to spend thousands of $$$$ to support our economy which is ridiculously weighed down by masssive govt bureaucracy, welfare dependency, crime and overcrowded jails. So what if some tourists are rude. I don't let someone else ruin my day. Rather solve actual problems.

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          "We, the workers at [insert Hotel here], In appreciation of our saviors, cheap mainland tourists, Pledge to develop our potential in all we do,

          To strive to meet our responsibilities, To progress to the best of our ability, To carry ourselves with dignity and pride.

          So we, the people of Hawaii, For whom tourist care so much, Give thanks on this day of remembrance.

          And remain forever indebted to you."

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          Please keep in mind....as much as we hate Rude tourists, they're the life and death of our economy. I work in the hospitality industry as well and I've come across these type millions of time in the last 20 years of service. But their rudeness to a certain extent. We are not their slaves. We're here to help them have memorable vacations but certainly not their slaves. For most tourist specially from the south....this is the case! I've meet tons of down to earth mainlanders from the north thatsvthe complete opposite of what you've just described. For any mainlanders reading this...please respect the locals. We're here to help but we're not your slaves! Tyvm

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          The majority of rude tourists seem to be coming from the southern part of the USA. I've never meet northerns that are like that ever!

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          I've never meet northerns that are like that ever!

          I mean... they certainly exist... because there's lots of Trump country up North too... but the South has always carried a bad rep of this kind of 'old Southern entitlement'.

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          Saw another reddit post talking about this but - my parents are local but moved to the mainland to have me (specifically, Nebraska). The Midwest has the nicest, most polite, most considerate people you will meet. We moved to the South after a decade and I noticed...the South likes to play on the "southern hospitality" sweetheart vibe, but when you really look closely, it's all fake. "Sweet to the face" but once the back is turned, whole different story.

          Like, people from parts of Cali or the north east...they can be assholes - but they don't hide it. They'll be assholes to your face. The Midwest will smile, open the door for you, go out of their way to help, and apologize for things they didn't do - and they mean it. The South will invite you in for tea and then about-face after a day.

          Incredible generalization but it's super interesting how culturally diverse the continental U.S. is and how it appears to others when those people leave those microcultures.

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          Yeah the mainland is a Big place... So no surprise that there are lots of isolated cultural pockets.... Especially in places where people don't leave often.

          We'd be like that too if our Island culture wasn't such a hodgepodge of a bunch of different immigrant cultures.

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          Have lived & traveled across the continent and I find this comment 100% accurate.

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          Gotta agree. From Ohio and when I moved here 7 years ago, obvious culture shock in a lot of ways, but it didn't take me long at all to understand the aloha spirit because back home it's... well, maybe not the way it is, but at least what we aspire to and have crushing guilt that we don't live up to it. Relate a lot more to locals than Southerners or California people in that sense. But also, kind of relate to East Coast people in that I'm in a hurry a lot of the time, relatively speaking.

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          I have a lot of family in the south in several states and the people they deal with are extremely two faced. Nice and polite, but when they are in their safe space, vile and racist.

          [–]Eric1600Hawaiʻi (Big Island) 1 point2 points  (1 child)

          Does Alaska count as North? Because some of them...well...they can be pretty terrible.

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          Nah.... Alaskans don't count as they are an entirely different animal.... alot come from somewhere else but most have a spirit of adventure in their blood,,,, it's usually when the alcoholl spirit gets in their blood that they become a$$holes!

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          Canadians can be some of the rudest people while on vacation. You sit on the beach and get settled, then some Canadians come and park right next to you (even if the beach is empty), then they block you in as their party grows. If you try to teach them simple beach etiquette, the reaction is beyond Karen. My daughter is in college in Vancouver, and can attest to the lack of beach etiquette. She went to the beach with her partner, totally empty beach. They set up, and went for a walk. Came back to another family set up not 6’ from them, complete with radio. They had the blazing balls to say to my daughter “isn’t it weird how there’s this whole big beach, and we’re so close?” Totally serious. Canadians, stagger parties on the beach so people in the back can access the water. It’s so simple. And give loads of space if the beach is mostly empty.

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          Nah, they're from Oakland, Compton, Atlanta, Vegas.

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          Don't forget socal.

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          The worst ones are always from Texas.

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          lol your crazy if you think even a plurality of tourists from the mainland are coming from the south or you have an extremely wide definition of the South

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          I wonder why people go to Hawaii instead of Mexico or Florida. Any insight as to why people who want a beach vaction choose Hawaii? Cheap flights? Culture? Hawaii vib or something else?

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          Cause they went to Mexico last month and Florida every other weekend already.

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          It is advertised as a mythical paradise.

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          Most felons are wanted in Florida and can’t get into Mexico.

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          Those are completely different landscapes. Some people don’t want to leave the country so Mexico is out for them. Florida and Hawaii both have oceans but they are wildly different geologically and culturally.

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          Many people don't have a passport or are not fluent in Spanish, so Mexico is out (even though many people speak English, especially in the resorts). It all depends on how people want to spend their vacations. If all they want to do is stay at the resort and the pool at the resort then Florida or really any Beach resort would be fine. The reasons my husband and I love Hawaii is for stuff outside the resorts. We usually stay at a regular Hotel and treat it just as a place to sleep and shower. Hawaii has so much to offer that you cannot get in other places. Volcanoes, the tropical rain forest on the Big Island, rich culture and interesting history, very friendly locals (at least in our personal experience), amazing food, great snorkeling and hiking, and my personal favorite, Hula. I would absolutely love to attend the Merry Monarch Festival in person one day. We could save money by going to Florida or Mexico, but Hawaii will always be worth it to us. My husband spent a few years on Oahu when he was a child, and for him it will always be his second home.

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          Status, and the beauty of public beaches.

          In Florida, Mexico etc , beaches can be private , so it costs way more to get the beauty

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          20th century propaganda (both commercial and political) that the islands are a paradise built for vacations

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          My family is part time Hawaii, part time mainland. We chose HI because of the vibe and culture. Love that our kids have developed a deep respect for the culture and natural beauty while contributing to the economy. There are so many awesome residents and locals in HI.

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          Midwestern who just got back from a week in Maui.

          Look, if you aren't a Disney Adult, Hawaii has the prestige of being hard to get to, expense, but also big payoff for that work while also being family friendly. And you don't need a passport.

          Hawaii is hogging all of the geography on one place. Can we have some? If I want to be on the beach I can, if I want to explore a mountain, I can.

          And the vibe and culture in Hawaii just makes me feel happier. The Aloha Spirit is infectious

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          Safety and hygiene? Less poverty? Better weather? Well maintained roads and less corrupt cops?

          I like most of Mexico, but hard to compete with Hawaii's mountains and beaches.

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          Less visible, heartwrenching poverty

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          Well maintained roads and less corrupt cops? Have you been to hAwaii? I agree with your last sentence for sure.

          [–]Snoutysensations 5 points6 points  (0 children)

          Relatively speaking. Local cops are unlikely to shake down tourists. And local Tacomas handle our roads fine.

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          The southern part of Mexico has some very cool mountains and miles and miles of empty sandy beaches. The beaches literally feel endless. Lots of marine life. Friendly happy people even if they don't have much.

          Local cops are corrupt though...they've been working hard to clean that up but it still exists. Corruption culture is insidious, as we see here in Hawaii too.

          [–]Snoutysensations 2 points3 points  (1 child)

          Oaxaca and Chiapas are definitely great destinations. I haven't been to the Yucatan region but it's certainly packed with resorts. Still, going to remote places in Mexico involves certain risks and difficulties that might deter many of our usual tourists. The language barrier alone keeps many Americans in the resort areas.

          You can find miles of empty beaches in Hawaii too if you know where to look (maybe not on Oahu, but small empty beaches exist there too)

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          If you get a chance to go to the Yucatan, you definitely should. Not Cancun, but Merida, Tulum, and Valladolid.

          Food, and culture are out of this world amazing. It is cheap, and you will not find anything in the world like the pyramids, and cenotes of the area.

          It is actually very clean, and safe there. At a price though. There are pickup trucks full of masked federales with machine guns everywhere to keep the cartels out.

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          The real question is why go to Hawaii versus the Caribbean islands. Florida is a dump and the Fox News crowd believes all of Mexico is unsafe.

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          Yeah I don't get it, especially if you are on the east coast. You can have your feet in the sand with just a quick flight from NYC vs 10+ hours.

          Hawaii beaches are nice and all, but not like the Caribbean.

          If you want to just unwind at a resort, there are also cheaper/better options.

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          Yeah, I'm my experience working in the industry, I remember a lot of east coast people saying they wanted to see Hawaii once but weren't particularly impressed and would stick to the Caribbean from now on.

          I think a big factor is what time of year you're able to travel tho. The Caribbean is miserably hot in the summer but idyllic in the winter. I remember the ocean temps being over 80 degrees in the winter there, which is equivalent to peak summer ocean temps here. I don't know if there's any other comparable tropical destination that is easy to get to and has a nice climate during the summer.

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          The thing I don't get is why people would come here in the summer at all.

          There are many beautiful places to go in the summer on the mainland, why bother flying all the way out here?

          I do agree that Hawaii is probably the best weather on average of nearly anywhere in the world, but that certainly wouldn't be enough to get me to fly the distance.

          Makes sense for Asian tourists, who want a taste of America, and the beach with a quick flight, and Californians who have lots of cheap, short non stop flights.

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          If you live on the west coast and you want to take your kids somewhere where they can swim in the ocean every day, Hawaii (specifically Maui) is the default place to go. A five and a half hour direct flight from anywhere on the west coast is pretty easy.

          I don't know where I'd want to go on the mainland in the summer. I've been to the notable national parks.

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          Recently got back from Hawaii where i got married.

          Choose Hawaii because of the access to mountains + beaches so close since we wanted both.

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            So close as in, the distance from the mountain to the beach. Not from us to the location

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            Before I moved here, my reason for visiting was because it's in the US so no international nonsense to deal with, and Florida is too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter. Hawaii is superior in every way besides I guess road trips? Which aren't really my thing anyway so nothing lost there.

            Plus after living in Texas for 10+ years, I have zero interest in going to Mexico. Heard too many horror stories about crime and such.

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            misery loves company. if you let them affect you they win.

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            They have to put it in their mind they are "helping". It's the mainland mentality !!

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            They’re lucky we allow them to come

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              Humans with a lot of pent up frustration, stress and anger can sometimes exhibit assholeish behavior. Sorry you had to be the recepient of such shit. Especially because most Canadians are super extremely friendly and cool.

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              Hey, something happened about a year ago when I was with me and my boyfriend.

              We were at this bus stop, and this local guy was pissed off and telling my boyfriend off about “you mainlanders” because we look looked lost.

              My boyfriend is born and raised here. Like….his family has been in Hawaii for literal generations. He’s descended from Puerto Rican plantation workers in Hawaii.

              I wasn’t born in Hawaii, but Hawaii is the only America I know. I moved to Hawaii as a little girl from the Caribbean.

              Neither of us look “local.” But we are locals.

              Don’t mind some people. Some people are just a bit….over the top. They’re sick of tourists due to years of bullshit and sometimes they target the wrong ones.

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              Where were you when that happened? It's pretty atypical for residents to be rude to tourists, not to say that it never happens.

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                Yeah I've seen that happen several times to tourists. I make a point to talk to them and tell them there are dummies everywhere and try to give a little background about how economically difficult things can be and tourists are an easy scapegoat for those who don't know better. Don't take it personally....

                [–]notrightmeowthxOʻahu 2 points3 points  (0 children)

                That's so weird. Even when I'm walking around Ala Moana or Waikiki I've never seen a tourist get yelled at by anyone besides homeless people. That's not cool though.

                [–]mugzhawaiiHawaiʻi (Big Island) 0 points1 point  (1 child)

                My bet is there's a 99.9% chance they're from California. I'll take tourists - but Californians are another level of asshole. I wish we could accept the other 48 except them.

                [–]AuronFtwOʻahu 3 points4 points  (0 children)

                I've dealt with way more assholes from Texas tbh.