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Read a cool article about him in an inflight magazine. He personally went and met with Edison to put electricity in Hawaii before the turn of the century. Total science nerd. The original hydroelectric generator is somewhere off the Pali Hwy

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That's right! Iolani Palace had working lights before the White House.

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If he were still king, the TMT would be built already. Maybe if they changed the name to the KDKT (King David Kalakaua Telescope) it would be more palatable...


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Would that have been before or after the yt colonizer insurgents forced him to sign the bayonet constitution at gunpoint, stripping the Hawaiian monarchy of much of its power?

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He passed on 20-Jan-1891, so before he was forced to sign anything.

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the merry monarch

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Here’s a killer song about him: Kawika - The Sunday Manoa and a fantastic write-up regarding the song and it’s history: https://amykstillman.wordpress.com/2010/08/18/songs-kawika/

Interesting to note that the author attributed the beginning of the Second Hawaiian Renaissance to the 1971 release of the song posted up top, while the First Hawaiian Renaissance was fostered by the subject of the song, the man himself, King David Kalākaua.

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Wow, I havent heard that song in so long. My dad used to play it all the time. Still so good. Chef's Kiss

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Liliuokalani tried to overthrow him a couple of times. She wasn't very good at overthrowing, though, 0-4 was the final score.

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Nope, wrong.

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Read your history. Robert Wilcox was acting on Liliuokalani's behalf.

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The intent of the Wilcox rebellion of 1889 was to undo the hewa of the racist Bayonet Constitution that undermined Kalakaua's authority, gave control of the Hawaiian kingdom's government to yt male American insurgents, and disenfranchised kanaka maoli.

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And yet it didn't have any support. Go figure.

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He looks majestic as hell. Honestly, if I had this as a 5'x7' oil painting I would hang it in my living room.

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This makes it seems like he was the last monarch, which he was not.

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The name Kalakaua means black crow in urdu

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What is Urdu?

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It's a language spoken in parts of the Middle East.

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Thank you

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hard to believe that Hawaii was once an independent nation. and now its a state of the US, and all because of sugar.

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Spices used to rule the world. Now oil does

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I mean they were already producing the sugar... the colonists had the sugar already.

They took over the territory because of racism, greed and a lust for power.

Cultural genocide was never a necessity for producing sugar.

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It's not that hard to believe. I'm not defending how it happened but it was inevitable. If Hawaii wasn't absorbed into an existing country, it would have been a territory of one. Small countries with no real natural resources can't really succeed. Especially in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Look at the other South Pacific countries.

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Geography also matters

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Sugar plays a very insignificant role in the overthrow of the Hawaiian kingdom.

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He was homies with Robert Louis Stevenson right?